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Police to monitor amplified music from Sylvester Manor

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Peace could break out between Sylvester Manor and neighbor Eleanor Oakley with an agreement to monitor noise levels at Ms. Oakley’s house during the next live music concert.

Police Chief Jim Read said he would arrange to have the amplified music measured from Ms. Oakley’s property during the Creekside Concert at the Manor featuring blues artist Kerry Kearney on the evening of July 28.

The chief stated that two concerts scheduled in July and August are to run from 4 to 8 p.m. He said a concert a month during the summer is reasonable, if ending by 8 p.m., and that the current 50 decibel level the town’s ordinance sets could be extended to 65 decibels.

The purpose is to balance the interests of concert-goers and Ms. Oakley and her neighbors, the chief said.

“I want to be able to open my windows,” Ms. Oakley said in her second appearance before the Town Board work session in as many weeks. “I want to be able to sit outdoors.”

She invited members of the Town Board to join her at her house on July 28 to hear for themselves how the music carries across the creek, disturbing her peace.

“I just don’t think I should have to leave my house when there’s a concert,” Ms. Oakley said.

She expressed satisfaction with the plan to use the July 28 event to help determine how loud music should be for Manor events.

Given the expanse of land at the Manor, Ms. Oakley has suggested concerts be moved to another area of the property and not have loud music carry over the creek. She noted she’s had a cordial meeting with Manor Executive Director Stephen Searl, who seemed amenable to moving some events to another location on the property if necessary.

If the town changes its allowable decibel level of 50 for such events, it would apply to other places, including the Ram’s Head Inn, where owners Linda and James Eklund have been cited for exceeding the allowable decibel level in the past. Any change that increased the allowable decibel level would apply to all establishments, board members agreed.


The Town Board is prepared to extend an agreement with the Eklunds to continue to use the dock at the Ram’s Head Inn with the understanding that access to land at the dock is not limited to Inn customers and that the insurance policy the couple has provided lists the town as a co-insured entity.