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Town delays action on dock at Ram’s Head Inn


The Town Board did not act at the July 19 meeting on a resolution that would continue to allow the Ram’s Head Inn to use a dock while indemnifying the town through the Inn’s insurance policy if anyone in the area sued for damages relating to the property. At Tuesday’s work session, the issue was delayed for two more weeks to allow an attorney for the Ram Island Association to review records.

Frank Isler wrote Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr. and members of the Town Board that the organization wanted a delay to allow time to review records members believe show the town is allowing exclusive use of the dock to guests at the Ram’s Head Inn when the dock is on town-owned property.

It was incorrectly stated in last week’s story that anyone could use the dock, but it has been for the exclusive use of Ram’s Head Inn customers, while others are permitted to walk along the sandy path, but not on the dock.

Further discussion of the issue is now slated for Tuesday, August 6 at the 1 p.m. work session.

Mr. DeStefano has said  when a dock was originally built by a previous owner on the property in 1965, despite having all the proper permits in place, it was actually constructed at the wrong place. He thinks that was a result of a road through the property that was redefined through the years. Middle Har-Bay Road runs perpendicular to Ram Island Drive.

In any case, when Linda and James Eklund purchased the Inn in the 1970s, a survey that was probably incorrect showed the dock as part of what they purchased. Through no fault of theirs, the survey error likely resulted from a question of the boundaries of that road, Mr. DeStefano said.

Mr. DeStefano’s said his review of records provides no clear indication of where the town and private land boundary is.

The town has no plans to ask that the Eklunds remove the dock or cease to use it solely for their patrons, he said.

The town wants to ensure it’s protected from any legal action and the resolution if passed would establish that the town would be named as a co-insured party on the Eklund’s insurance policy.