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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


Impact on aquifer
To the Editor:
The Village of Dering Harbor is poised to impact the quality of our water supply by proposing a law designed to benefit residents who already have their own wells.

The proposed law seeks to ban owners without their own wells from “watering lawns, landscaping and other exterior uses …” The language does not define “exterior use” but washing the family pet or hosing down a boat comes to mind along with prohibiting water balloons and children’s summer play.

I guess our hanging geraniums will take a hit, too. The law does not apply to those residents — the mayor and board members, for example — who have their own wells.

To enforce the law, the village proposes to establish the “right to inspect.” If the resident doesn’t respond, their water supply will be terminated.

Of course, the prevailing logic reinforces the incentive to drill new private wells at the expense of the Island’s aquifer.

In the 1930s, the village designed its water tank and distribution system to conserve water, not waste it. The proposed law was, as of this writing, not mailed to residents or printed in this newspaper, but may impact the entire Island.
John T. Colby Jr.
Shelter Island

Poorly written
To the Editor:
Your most recent editorial was a big disappointment. For such a fine newspaper it was very poorly written. In the fifth paragraph you write: “The amount of sewage that could be treated from all of these structures could only be equalled by convincing between 500 to 600 property owners in the Center to convert their cesspools or old septic systems to I/A systems.”

I do not pretend to be qualified enough to critique the writing skills or style of folks who have more talent than I have, but I am not the most illiterate person on the Island. I find the above sentence totally incomprehensible. Water quality is a very vital topic; perhaps in a future edition you could use your considerable skills to make your very valued opinion on this subject more explicit.
David Olsen
Shelter Island

Thanks to all
On behalf of The Garden Club of Shelter Island, we would like to thank all the generous donors who made our “Gaggle of Games” a big success.

The Adipietro Family for dinner for two at The Vine Street Cafe; The American Hotel, lunch for two; Anna’s Salon gift certificate $50; Dabney & Company, gift; Bliss’ Department Store, gift certificate $50; Corner Bar, gift certificate $50; Cornucopia gift certificate $20; Dandy’s Liquors, three bottles of wine; The Dory gift certificate $25; Jack’s Marine, game; Rita Gates, jewelry and hair clips; Pridwin Hotel, breakfast for four; Eleanor Labrozzi, note cards; Sea Breeze, giant hanging basket; Shelter Island Wines & Liquors, three bottles of wine; Shelter Island Hardware, gift certificate $50 and Garden Hopper; Shelter Island Historical Society, bag of gifts; Shelter Island Pharmacy, bag of gifts; South Ferry, one-way and round-trip tickets; Shelter Island Florist, orchid plant; Flying Goat, gift certificate $100; Inlet Seafood, gift certificate $100; Ram’s Head Inn, dinner for two; SALT, gift certificate $50; PORT, gift certificate $50.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the Gift of Life Foundation, East End Hospice and the Veterans’ Memorial Wreaths.

The club is very grateful for the help of the donors and the many who attended to make this event successful. Thanks so much!
Jackie Tuttle & Jean McClintock
The Garden Club of Shelter Island

Open arms
To the Editor:
I am thankful and blessed by family, friends and the Shelter Island community. Betty Ann Morritt’s 90th birthday celebration was a huge success.

Thank you for embracing our parents with open arms and loving them as we do. The Morritt family is overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.

Thank you for your love and fellowship.
Lori Morritt & family
Shelter Island