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Resource directory in progress

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The Shelter Island Interdisciplinary Committee has produced an initial draft of resources, which will be available in January, to guide residents, relatives, caretakers and others on where to seek assistance from town services.

The idea for the committee grew out of the Town Board’s concern that some services available to Islanders are not well known. Also, the board wants to discover what services are being duplicated, so those could be tracked to single-source providers.

The committee, composed of representatives of several organizations and town officials, has been meeting for several months this year to share ideas. The draft directory includes a list of phone numbers and information on services and groups.

On Monday, members decided to include information where people can seek help with complaints about noise, violations of the town’s dark skies ordinance, yard sales, the Goody Pile at the town Recycling Center, lists of media, volunteer opportunities and sites for those who want to sell or exchange items they no longer need.

The committee plans to check with those sources already listed to ensure information is accurate, and to reach out to others to continue to add information.

Anyone with suggestions they would like to see included in the directory should call 631-749-1059 or email [email protected]

When the directory is completed, copies will be available at Town Hall and the Shelter Island Library to ensure it reaches those who may not use computers.