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Shelter Island’s great summer feast


The Shelter Island Fire Department hosted its 56th annual Chicken Barbecue Saturday and our Bev Walz was there.

Louise and Keith Clark saucing the birds. In the background, Skip Tuttle and Alfie Brigham.
John Simensen, watermelon king.
Tickets ready, lining up for the meal.
Bill Cummings and Robert Schack keeping thirsty people happy.
Corn shucking.
Alfred Kilb directing traffic.
Little Dave Klenawicus loves his chicken.
Justin Brock and Thomas Hugh Carey Cassidy.
Future fireman Alfie Brigham with Skip Tuttle.
Take out smiles — Ned Oakley and Trish Anzalone.
Passing along the skill. Grandfather Herb Sherman and grandson Wesley Congdon flipping chickens.
Final burn off of the grills.