Column: Season’s end at Menantic Yacht Club

The 2019 Menantic Yacht Club (MYC) Sunfish racing series drew to close this on Sunday, Sept. 1, in perfect conditions.

The wind was blowing between 7 and 10 knots, gusting to maybe 12, nothing like last week’s 20-knot gusts. It was a little on the cool side without humidity. There were several flips and some banging, and the competition was fierce.

It was a very successful summer for the MYC. Overall, we had 44 different sailors participate and averaged 15 sailors per week. A total of 48 races were run, averaging five per Sunday. Only one weekend’s races were cancelled because of weather. Out of concern for the sailors and the Race Committee, another series was shortened because of high heat and humidity.

This past Sunday was perfect in all ways. The MYC must be a fair-weather group, because the great weather brought out the sailors; 28 participated on Sunday, our best showing this summer.

There were several newcomers, all with their kids. Brian McCloskey shared a boat with his 9-year-old-son, John. Rebecca McCloskey shared a boat with her 7-year-old- daughter, Clair, and the McCloskeys’ 11-year-old-son, Ian, sailed solo. Peter Beardsley’s brother Eric shared a boat with his 5-year-old-daughter, Anna. It was a treat seeing so many parents and kids sharing boats and having fun.

Commodore Bethge ran Race Committee Sunday, along with Betsy Colby, Rita Gates, Ed Goble and Susie Masse. They ran six races, and based on the fact that Ed offered me a mimosa as I sailed by, they were having a great time. With one of the fleet power boats out of commission, Rita volunteered her boat to be used for Race Committee. Thank you Rita and all onboard for a job well done. Maybe next year Rita and Betsy will assist Commodore Pete with Race Committee on a regular basis, which would allow all sailors to race.

Billy Sulahian captained the stake boat along with Joni Campbell and Marian Thomsen. It was a relatively quiet day, but they were on hand when several boats overturned. When Eric and Anna flipped, Captain Billy immediately brought Anna onto the stake boat and Joni wrapped her in a blanket to warm up. When it was time for her to rejoin Eric, Anna said “but I really like it here.” Father knows best, however, and she finished racing with her dad.

Other flippees included Rebecca and Clair and yours truly. Captain Billy was there within seconds when I went over, asking if I was O.K. Before I could reply he saw me reaching for my hat, which was floating away and knew the answer. The only thing hurting was my ego and dignity. I haven’t flipped during a race in years.

The annual awards banquet was hosted by John and Betsy Colby. The burgers, hot dogs and chicken, as well as all the side dishes brought by fellow sailors, were delicious. The banquet was well attended and the camaraderie evident. Everyone gave Commodore Pete and Sallie an enthusiastic welcome back. The commodore presented a number of awards to everyone who helped with the stake boat and Race Committee, including Judy Hole, Will Lehr, Peter Beardsley, Betsy and John Colby, Tom McMahon, Linda Gibbs, Joe Sullivan, Charlie and John Modica, Rita Gates and Ed Goble.

Commodore Pete also presented Charlie Modica with a model of the hull of his 70-foot sailboat, Charm, with all the hardware attached. Last Thursday, Charlie took a group of 25 MYC sailors and friends for a cruise around Shelter Island on Charm. With winds gusting to around 20 knots, we had a fantastic sail, with the boat heeled over for the entire three hours it took us to circumnavigate the Island. Prior to sailing we raised the MYC burgee in honor of Commodore Bethge, who was on board. We all had a wonderful time. Thanks, Charlie.

Joe Sullivan made a surprise announcement at the banquet. Joe has been associated with the Southold Yacht Club (SYC) for almost 50 years, and with the MYC for several. Several MYC members sail in the “World’s Longest Sunfish Race” sponsored by the SYC. To their surprise, Joe presented them with awards for this year’s race, which took place several weeks ago.

This year Charlie beat out George Zinger for Oldest Participant by just 12 days, and his name was added to the perpetual plaque hanging in the SYC’s club house. Joe gave George an actual trophy for being a close second in age. Age has its benefits, I guess. Joe also commended Ruth Hakanson for winning awards twice in the past.

The following perpetual trophies were awarded during the banquet:
Windels trophy for winner of the first race of the season: Charlie Modica.
Burty trophy for the winner of the very last race: Lee Montes.
Up the West Neck Creek Race trophy: Kiernan Brooks.
Most Enthusiastic trophy: Joe Sullivan
LYCE trophy: Mary Vetri.
MYCE trophy: Tom McMahon.
Most Improved trophy: Jonathan Brush.
Ladies Sailing trophy: Linda Gibbs.
Good Shipmate trophy: Dave Olsen.
Cruise Director trophy: Charlie Modica.
Commodore’s trophy: Bob Harris.
Corinthian trophy: Ellen Leonforte.
Season First Place trophy: Paul Zinger.
Season Second Place trophy: John Modica.

Everybody thanked Billy Sulahian for his dependable captaining of the stake boat.

As sad as it always is at the end of a summer of sailing, we are all looking forward to next year.

See you on the water.

Day’s Results Pts.
1. Lee Monte 14
2. Joe Sullivan 21 3. Peter Beardsley 22
4. Noah Janssen 35
5. Melissa Shepstone 36
6. John Modica 36 7. Linda Gibbs 45 8. Ruth Hakanson 49
9. Steve Shepstone 53
10. Charlie Modica 55 11. Bob Harris 58
12. Bill Martens 69 13. Rachael Beardsley 69
14. Brian and John McCloskey 87
15. Denise Fenchel 91 16. Tom McMahon 101 17. Doug Kadlec 102
18. Will Lehr 109
19. Jonathan Brush 111 20. Ellen Leonforte 113 21. Dave Olsen 120 22. Rebecca and Clair McCloskey 131
23. Ian McCloskey 136
24. John Colby 141 25. Eric and Anna Beardsley 156

Season Results
Must finish 50% of all races to qualify
1. Paul Zinger 2.64
2. John Modica 4.11
3. Charlie Modica 4.4
4. Joe Sullivan 5.7
5. Bob Harris 6.19
6. Linda Gibbs 6.51
7. George Zinger 6.89
8 .Jonathan Brush 8.58
9 .Bill Martens 8.76
10. Denise Fenchel 10.0
11. Tom McMahon 10.89
12. Doug Kadlec 11.9
13. Dave Olsen 11.97
14. Ellen 12.73
15. John Colby 14.8