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A dream realized

“The music is almost an excuse for something else. How do you live in the world and be kind, make the most of your life, and be appreciative of your life? How does that all work? When children are in an environment where they can speak the truth and be themselves, it frees them. They really start to smile.” — Toby Perlman

25 Years Later

Toby recently told the Shelter Island Reporter, “This moment is so meaningful to us. When we began over two decades ago, I had a clear vision of the program I wanted to run, but it took countless individuals working tirelessly and donating again and again to bring it to life.” 

Our Anniversary Gala paid tribute to the visionary individuals who put PMP on the map — figuratively and literally — by transforming our historic campus and building our Endowment Fund.

40 Summer Concerts

The world-renowned Juilliard String Quartet presented the final concert of our 25th Anniversary season on our Shelter Island campus. It was epic. 

Did you know they’re all members of our remarkable faculty? And Areta also happens to be an alumna!

43 Visiting Alumni

Our first-ever Shelter Island reunion brought together alumni ranging in age from 19 to 40. Nine out of ten are pursuing careers in music, and they’re all doing amazing things.

The PMP chorus performs during the 25th event.

77 Exit Polls

All 35 Summer Music School students and 42 Chamber Music Workshop artists happily completed our exit polls: an essential tool to listen and adapt to the evolving needs of our students. Not surprisingly, friendship popped up over and over as a powerful theme.

90 Hours of Physical Therapy

Toby added a vital new component to the Summer Music School curriculum: the Physical Awareness Program. Playing a string instrument is rarely treated like the athletic event that it is. This summer, students suffered ZERO injuries, and we’re pretty sure it’s no coincidence.

470 Salon Guests

A tradition is born! For the second year, our Chamber Music Workshop artists fanned out across the East End to present six salons in just one day. These intimate performances share chamber music up close, the way it’s meant to be experienced. Heartfelt thanks to our hosts Edie Landeck and Michael Coles, Ngaere Macray and David Seeler, Richard and Renée Steinberg, the Jamesport Meeting House and Peconic Landing.

500+ Hours from the Maestro

Every summer, Itzhak Perlman puts everything on hold for PMP. That’s eight hours or more each day: teaching lessons, singing in chorus, conducting the orchestra, sharing meals, leading discussions…and even learning lines for the annual family concert skit!

$300,000 Gap to Goal

A tremendous milestone has been reached, but our work isn’t done! More than 75% of our fundraising ($.80 of every dollar) directly supports programs and scholarships for our students and alumni.

PMP for Life

“PMP has been part of my life since I was 12 years old. My relationship with The Perlman Music Program, with my teacher, and with all of the faculty and all of my peers, who have become my colleagues and some of my best friends is forever evolving. The lessons are always unfolding for me. 

“As you get older, you start to gain perspective on the magic, and the joy and the love that is instilled in you from childhood. All of a sudden you start to understand that every single detail, every single decision, has been so thoughtfully created for you, for the student. 

“There’s this effortlessness about PMP. It’s like breathing. It’s this incredible experience of understanding that you’ve been given the greatest blessing of your life to be part of this community.”  

 — Michelle Ross, alumna