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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

A different perspective
To the Editor:
I completed my first marathon (NYC) this past weekend at age 61.

I have a summer home on Shelter Island and our beautiful land was the setting for my training runs. From July 1 until marathon day, Nov. 3, I ran over 500 miles with many of these miles taking place during July and August on Shelter Island.

You get to see the Island in a whole different perspective and get to know the land. Many runs took me into Westmoreland, Silver Beach and to Shell Beach. Then back along Nostrand Parkway to Camp Quinipet where the smell of French toast and bacon in the morning was incredibly enticing. Then down Crescent Beach and passing visitors enjoying their morning coffee on the Pridwin Porch.

Most of my longer runs passed STARs Cafe where I saw the same group of people sitting outside. If I did not know better, one could believe this was the seat of government on Shelter Island.

On the long runs, I went into Dering Harbor and down the causeway toward Little Ram.
However, the most beautiful part of my runs were the residents. Every car, without exception, moved over. People waved constantly. Dogs were incredibly understanding.

Even the turkeys left me alone.
Brad Tolkin
Shelter Island

Come together
To the Editor:
In reference to the letter of Oct. 14, “Don’t exploit Shelter Island,” isn’t suing our little island a form of exploitation?

The rental law has put “them against us,” and that is not what Shelter Island is all about. This has always been a close-knit community and the ugliness that has surfaced is not in our character.

Let us come together. Stop this division and put our welcome mats back out.
Ruth Sheppard
Shelter Island