What is that?

If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone (631) 749-1000, extension 354.

Myra Peskowitz was the early bird, identifying last week’s What Is That? as the outdoor dining area at Commander Cody’s (see below).


Her call opened a floodgate of responses by people recognizing a treasured spot on the Island’s landscape.

Stephen Smith and Pat Hanson were right behind Myra and Tom Speeches also weighed in correctly (welcome back, Tom). Molly Numark phoned with the right answer and asked if she was the first to get it right. Sorry, Molly, but you were close.

Then Joanne Andreach called. Tracey Swanson emailed to say she “loves that sweet little restaurant.” Steve Kessler also wrote to say the commander and daughter Amanda have “the best seafood on the Island and don’t miss the ribs and fried chicken. Delicious.”

On Facebook, Alfred Roberts, and Cynthia Michalak named the place as the place to be.

We wish Jim Hayward, who moved to the Island to fish and farm in the 1950s, and established his restaurant in 1984, many more happy years here.