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Pridwin a go with ZBA

Thirteen — as in Nov. 13 — is the lucky number for owners of the Pridwin Hotel, who got the go-ahead on that date from the Zoning Board of Appeals for a special permit needed for its expansion of the site.

It was a rapid 5-0 vote by the ZBA that now sends the application to the Town Board, which must also provide a special permit if the project is to proceed.

A public hearing will need to be held before the Town Board makes a decision on whether to grant its own special permit. Among the issues for the Town Board is awaiting Suffolk County Department of Health Services on the application affecting a new septic system before it moves ahead.

As expected, the ZBA attached several conditions to its approval, including:
• A requirement that a proposed “activities center” to be constructed at the site would be used only for special events, such as weddings and for hotel guests. It can’t be turned into a nightclub or public restaurant.
• A requirement that a nitrogen-reducing I/A septic system be constructed to deal with wastes from the site.
• A limit of 49 sleeping rooms in the main hotel and seven cabins that replace existing cabins on the site.
• Compliance with the town’s dark skies legislation that prohibits lighting from the site affecting neighboring properties.
• Rerouting of traffic so vehicles enter and leave from Shore Road.
• Agreement to incorporate various other regulations that were part of a settlement between hotel owners and attorney Albert D’Agostino, representing neighbor Jack Sahl, to remove objections to the applications for both phases of the project.

The first phase of the project is renovations to the existing hotel, upgrading amenities, including a new covered entryway. The next phase includes construction of the activities center, new cabins, two fewer tennis courts and relocation of the tennis office, a laundry area and possibly improved staff quarters.

The aim of Glenn and Gregg Petry is to complete work on the renovations in time to open for the 2020 Memorial Day weekend. If all permits are granted, work on expanding the Pridwin would be slated to begin at the end of the season in October 2020, with a completion date being eyed by the 2021 Memorial Day weekend.