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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Amelia V. Banaag of the Bronx was stopped by police on South Ferry Road on Nov. 26 and ticketed for failure to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle. She was also given a summons for driving while using a cellphone without a hands-free device.

The next day, Adam R. Janiel of Selden was stopped on Locust Avenue for driving a vehicle with a non-transparent front windshield.

Police conducted 17 traffic and radar stops, distracted driving and DWI enforcement during the week, Nov. 26 to 28 and Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 and 2, resulting in three tickets and nine warnings.

Other reports
A caller alerted police on Nov. 26 that someone might be drinking in a parked truck in the Center. Police located the vehicle in question and found a person resolving an issue over the phone.

On that day, police were told that a person had been sitting in a vehicle parked at a dead end in Montclair for a prolonged period of time. According to the police report, the person was finishing up some paperwork.

A Center caller was concerned on Nov. 26 when someone knocked on the front door and then left. An officer canvassed the area with negative results.

Police found on Nov. 27 that a report to Child Protective Services was unfounded.

An investigation into a possible case of fraud was opened on Nov. 27.

Police received a call on the 27th that a transformer might be on fire in Hay Beach. An officer subsequently learned that the flashing lights the caller saw were part of a new system to detect lightning in the area.

On Nov. 28, police assisted Southold and Riverhead police departments in locating a missing person who was later transported to Stony Brook University Hospital for evaluation.

A complaint was received on Nov. 29 about a parked vehicle blocking access to additional parking for a Mashomack Preserve event. Police left a message for the owner to move the vehicle.

Police responded to a verbal altercation in the Center on Nov. 29.

Loud music was reported in West Neck on Nov. 30. The residence’s owners said the band playing on the porch would be finished at 1 a.m. Police responded to another call at about 1:15 a.m. and the owners had the band stop when police arrived for a second time.

Also on the 30th, a Heights caller complained about damage caused by a vehicle being driven on grass. Officers saw no damage, but advised the caller to fence off the area or post a sign that driving on the turf was not allowed.

A young person was reported riding a go cart in the Shorewood area late in the afternoon on Nov. 30. The caller was concerned about the safety of the rider and other vehicles. The area was searched with negative results.

On Dec. 1, a caller reported seeing a groundhog that was possibly sick; police responded and got advice from the animal control officer. No further action was needed.

On Dec. 2 police monitored weather situations, Island-wide, including a fallen tree and a tree limb on Ram Island and in West Neck as well as other downed limbs and flooded roads.

In other reports during the week, police opened a residence with the keys locked inside; responded to three lost and found reports; assisted a home-bound resident; jump-started a vehicle; and logged in two disabled vehicle reports.

Residential alarms were set off in South Ferry and the Center on Nov. 25. There were problems with the alarm in one case, and the homeowner had forgotten the pass code in the second.

A burglary alarm at a Hay Beach residence was activated by mistake on Nov. 27 by a heating and cooling employee. That day, the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in Hilo, set off by a faulty sensor.

The SIFD was on call on Nov. 28 for a fire alarm at a Shorewood residence, caused by logs burning too far forward in the fireplace, resulting in a lot of smoke.

A caretaker did a walk-through with a police officer at a Menantic residence after a burglary alarm was sounded on Nov. 29. No items were reported missing. Also on the 29th, a panic alarm was set off in Silver Beach; the owner said there was an apparent sensor malfunction.

Aided cases
Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported four cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Nov. 26, 28 and Dec. 1. A fifth aided patient declined medical attention.