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Town Board delays action on family leave issues

With its new family leave policy in place, Town Board members Tuesday discussed issues that must be addressed before they become concerns by employees. These include taking time off for personal reasons that cover pregnancy, paternity leave and family illnesses.

Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr. introduced several points to be resolved:
• Is an employee on family leave still expected to pay the stipend toward his or her medical insurance?
• Will that employee continue to accrue time toward vacation and sick time during the time of the family leave?
• How should the policy apply to Town Board members and other elected officials who may need family leave?

The policy, implemented in line with a New York State arrangement, allows up to 10 weeks of family each year.

After a discussion, Town Board members decided to take some time before making final decisions.

The agenda for the meeting was short and other issues were quickly scheduled for public hearings or decisions at future regular Town Board meetings.

They include actions on a wetlands permit; appointment of a new member of the West Neck Water Board; and three applications for town grants from people wanting to upgrade their septic systems to the I/A nitrogen-reducing systems.