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Year In Review: Shelter Island celebrated a decade of ARTSI

This week, the Reporter brings you some of the top stories of 2019.

The Artists of Shelter Island group celebrated its 10-year anniversary with its annual open studio tour in 2019.

Sixteen local artists of various disciplines and styles welcomed visitors to their studios and showed their latest works.

While artwork was for sale, and many artists accept commissions, coordinator Elizabeth Hartman encouraged visitors to “simply come and enjoy seeing art in the varied spaces where it is created.”

“It’s really remarkable that ARTSI is 10 years old,” Ms. Hartman said. “There’s two new artists and some have returned after taking a break so there’s new work to see.”

SCOTT FEIERSTEIN PHOTO Artist Melora Griffis in her studio.

Founded by Island artists, ARTSI is a selective, multi-disciplinary coalition of talented artists. A jury of five selects the members each January after examining each artist’s work and background before voting to admit them. Among the members are photographers, painters, digital artists, sculptors and mixed media artists.

This year’s participating artists were Sally Jacobs Baker, Janet Culbertson, Kathryn A. Cunningham, Roz Dimon, Melora Griffis, Katherine Hammond, Megan Hergrueter, Karen Kiaer, Diana Malcolmson, Jacky Pullman, Linda Puls, Joe Reilly, Susan Schrott, Jana Sheinker, Peter Waldner and Mike Zisser. 

For more information and a map of the studio locations, visit artsi.info.