Letters: ‘Deer debacle,’ a word of thanks and more

The deer debacle
To the Editor:
I have been following the deer debacle now for a couple of years.

Each year there seem to be more and more desperate creatures looking for food anywhere and everywhere. While I understood the goal of the 4-posters was to limit ticks, I am not convinced that is working and in fact we are simply supporting an increase in the deer population.

Every week I read of numerous accidents — so far no fatalities — as deer jump in front of drivers. This is not the fault of the drivers, since the deer throw themselves into the path of the car and a collision is often unavoidable.

I teach environmental ethics at a local college and I share with my students that one movement in this area stresses the importance of each individual life and the fervent desire to leave nature alone.

These advocates for the deer, as adorable animals that remind us of Bambi, are vocal in their defense. I might point out that the “sacredness of all life” rarely extends to non-cute animals like ticks, rats or bacteria.

A quite different approach to environmental ethics focuses on the health of ecosystems and the need for human intervention when we humans have contributed to the imbalance and/or can help fix it.

What we are seeing here on the Island is an ecosystem way out of whack. Increasing numbers of deer are causing accidents weekly and eating all the local plants, and perhaps dying a slow death of starvation as the numbers continue to increase.

Let’s get serious about saving our environment in a holistic sense and find ways to effectively cull this out-of-control herd. Perhaps we should do this before a person is seriously injured or killed.
Wendy C. Turgeon
Shelter Island

Thanks to all
To the Editor:
Many thanks to those who donated to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Women’s Annual Raffle and Silent Auction prizes.

The following donors are Marian Brownlie, Susanne Burston, Port of Egypt Marine, Dandy Liquors, Gardiner’s Bay Country Club, Shelter Island Reporter, Riverhead Building Supply, Shelter Island Florist, Jack’s Marine, J.W. Piccozzi, South Ferry, North Ferry, North Fork Theatre, Shelter Island Pharmacy, Ace Hardware, Alure Restaurant, Macari Vineyards, IGA, Candlelight Haircutters and Piesano’s Pizzeria.

As we have done in past years, the proceeds of both the ham dinner and the St. Nicholas Day Fair and raffle will be dispersed at our annual budget meeting in January. Last year, funds went to the Shelter Island Senior Citizens Advisory Council, the Shelter Island Senior Citizens Nutrition Meals on Wheels, Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation, Eastern Long Island Hospital, the Shelter Island Food Pantry, Shelter Island Library, East End Hospice, the Shelter Island Community Chorus, Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch, Shelter Island Historical Society, the Gift of Life Foundation, The Retreat, the Shelter Island Vacation Bible School, Shelter Island All Faith Youth Group, the Shelter Island Educational Foundation, the Shelter Island Fire Department, St. Mary’s Capital Improvement, St. Mary’s Altar Guild, St. Mary’s Needlepoint Department, St. Mary’s Organ Fund and St. Mary’s Discretionary Fund.

May one and all begin this coming year with much joy, blessings and good health.
Jane Babinski
Shelter Island