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Shelter Island Police Blotter: Tickets, a squirrel and a kitchen timer

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Dion P. Lynch of Mattituck was driving on North Ferry Road on Jan. 23 when he was stopped by police and ticketed for an uninspected vehicle.

On. Jan. 27, Stephen C. Clarke of New York City was given a summons on North Menantic Road for failure to stop at a stop sign. 

Police conducted traffic stops and distracted driving enforcement on Jan. 21, 23 and Jan. 25 through 27 in the Center, Menantic and the Heights, resulting in two tickets and five warnings. 


Evan A. Kraus was driving westbound on South Midway Road on Jan. 21 when he hit a deer in the roadway. There was no damage to the vehicle and the Highway Department was notified to remove the deer.


A Center caller reported several mattresses in the wooded area behind a residence on Jan. 21. Also on that date, a Westmoreland caller reported that on several dates an unwelcome visitor had entered her rental; the caller did not want to press charges.

An officer on patrol on Jan. 22 noticed an open door; the premises were searched with no sign of any criminal activity.

Police received a complaint on Jan. 22 about young people riding bicycles on a roadway and impeding traffic.

A caller told police on Jan. 22 that a person had fallen at the North Ferry and hit his head. An Emergency Service Team responded but medical assistance was refused. On the same date, police responded to a report about a verbal dispute in Menantic about the use of an easement.

A complainant told police about a “loud grinding noise” in a wooded area in HiLo on Jan. 23. The noise had stopped when police arrived but the officer advised the caller that the town code does not prohibit the use of land-clearing equipment during reasonable hours.

An officer on patrol on Jan. 23 observed a disabled truck in the westbound lane of Chase Avenue, facing eastbound. The driver returned to the scene and a tow was arranged for removal of the truck.

A caller reported on Jan. 23 that her security camera had shown a person walking around her property without her permission to be there.

Police responded to a landlord/tenant dispute on Jan. 24 and advised the complainant to contact a lawyer to start the eviction process.

A caller told police on Jan. 24 that people with flashlights were on a neighbor’s property. An officer interviewed one person who said he had been tracking a deer that he had shot and had found it at that location.

A disabled vehicle was reported blocking a roadway in the Heights on Jan. 25. Its flashers were on and the driver was located, moving another vehicle. Also on that date, a Longview caller reported a noise coming from inside her residence. An officer located a kitchen clock radio timer alarm going off.

The police department provided civil documentation on Jan. 27 regarding access to an easement.

A caller reported on Jan. 27 that there were shotgun shells and clay pigeons in the parking lot at Shell Beach. Approximately 30 shells and also clay pigeons were found and the shells discarded by police.

As the result of a call on Jan. 27, police documented trash left behind the Center Post Office. 

In other reports, officers attended intoxilyzer and D.A.R.E. training off-Island and conducted D.A.R.E. sessions for fifth and seventh graders; assisted two residents in their homes; responded to two lost and found reports; and opened two vehicles with the keys locked inside.


On Jan. 21 a squirrel was reported stuck in the chimney of a wood stove at a Cartwright residence. The officer and owner were able to remove the animal. 

An injured deer was reported in a Center backyard on Jan. 23. Police and an animal control officer freed the deer which was caught in a fence.


Three fire alarms activated during the week on Jan. 23, 24 and 27. The first, in the Center, was caused by a furnace malfunction. The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to the second at the Chequit, checked the building and found no evidence of fire, and the Fire Chief declared the third at the Perlman Music Camp was a false alarm. 

An audible alarm was set off at a Silver Beach residence on Jan. 25. The caretaker said he had previously shut off the alarm but it was probably activated by a temporary power surge.

Aided cases

A Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service team transported a person to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Jan. 26.