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Shelter Island Police Blotter: 10 traffic tickets issued this week

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Joseph R. Montanez of Rocky Point was driving on Manwaring Road on Feb. 5 when he was stopped and ticketed for using a portable electronic device. 

Pamela L. Jackson of Shelter Island was given a summons on West Neck Road for failure to stop at a stop sign on Feb. 6.

The same day, Paul R. Stewart, Shelter Island, was stopped on North Ferry Road for driving an uninspected vehicle. On Feb. 7, James S. Cummings, Shelter Island, was ticketed on Grand Avenue for also not having a vehicle inspection.

Ian Weslek, Shelter Island, was given a ticket on North Ferry Road on Feb. 7 for driving and using a cellphone without a hands-free device.

Marian R. Teodoru, Shelter Island, was on Grand Avenue when she was stopped on Feb. 8 and given a summons for driving while using a portable electronic device.

On Feb. 8, V. R. Felis-Berto of Central Islip was ticketed on New York Avenue for failure to stop at a stop sign. He was also cited for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 2nd degree and for unlicensed operation.

Colin Hoogerwerf of Sag Harbor was driving on Smith Street on Feb. 10 when he was given a summons for making an improper/unsafe turn without signaling.

Distracted driving enforcement and traffic stops were conducted on Feb. 4 through 10 in the Center, Menantic, the Heights and South Ferry Hills, resulting in the above tickets and 13 warnings.


Judith J. Gruttman of Shelter Island was backing out of the Shelter Island School’s parking lot on Feb. 5 when she hit a parked truck belonging to Rachel R. Brigham, also of Shelter Island. There was over $1,000 damage to the truck’s driver’s-side front; no damage was noted for Ms. Gruttman’s vehicle.


A person dropped off a dog at large at police headquarters on Feb. 4. An officer identified the dog, returned it to the owner and replaced the batteries in the dog’s electric fence collar.

A person came to headquarters at 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 9 to report that a dog she was taking care of had run out of the residence and couldn’t be found. Police canvassed the area during a night tour of duty with negative results.


On Feb. 4, a caller reported, for police information purposes, a statement made to her by a family member. Also on that date, police responded to a landlord/tenant dispute.

On Feb. 6, a caller from Silver Beach reported finding tire tracks on her lawn when she returned home after the weekend.

A caller told police on Feb. 6 that money had been removed from an account over a period of several months.

A “very agitated” person was reported making inappropriate comments at a Heights business on Feb. 6. The caller did not want to pursue charges or a trespassing complaint. The subject was gone when police arrived, and the officer was unsuccessful in making contact.

On Feb. 7, a caller told police about hearing a loud noise inside her Center home. An officer checked inside and outside of the residence with negative results.

Strong winds on Feb. 7 caused four reported incidents: A large tree limb fell on a Cartwright roadway; the Shelter Island Highway Department was notified. In the Center, a tree and wires were blocking both lanes of traffic; the road was closed until PSEG responded. A swaying utility pole in Longview brought wires down close to the roadway. PSEG was notified and the road closed. In Dering Harbor, a large tree came down on power wires; PSEG was notified.

A Center caller reported on Feb. 7 that several landscaping companies were dumping brush (and leaving dumpsters) on a lot in the Center. Police interviewed them and they all said the lot was vacant and they did not think dumping there would be an issue. They were advised to move any items still at the location.

On Feb. 8, police responded to a report about the smell of smoke in a Center garage apartment. The Shelter Island Fire Department investigated with thermal imaging sensors and determined the smell was coming from a faulty DVD player. It was unplugged without incident.

An officer on patrol on Feb. 9 noticed an open door at an abandoned building in the Heights; there were no signs of any criminal activity.

Also on the 9th, a West Neck owner called police to report that chains had been removed at the entrance to the property.

A power outage was reported on Prospect Avenue in the Heights on Feb. 10; PSEG was notified.

In other reports, officers responded to two lost and found cases; opened a vehicle with the keys locked inside; checked on the wellbeing of a resident; taught D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) classes to 5th and 7th graders and attended Taser and defensive tactics training in East Hampton.


A residential burglary alarm in the Center was accidentally set off on Feb. 4 by an interior decorator; the caretaker responded and deactivated the alarm.

On the 6th, a residential alarm in Silver Beach was activated by mistake by the caretaker.

Two days later, an alarm at a Ram Island home was set off by the caretaker who momentarily forgot the password.


A Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service team transported a person to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Feb. 10.