Featured Letter: Lucky to share the love of a special place

To the Editor:

Two amazing people from my Shelter Island childhood passed away in the past two weeks, Victor Friedman and Alyce Knight. 

They were part of my parents’ generation, who all came to Shelter Island in the late 1950s or early 1960s, rented various shacks from Jack and Jean Garr (and I mean shacks!) and gave their children the gifts of Shelter Island and a large group of lifelong friends. 

While I am deeply saddened by their passing, and by the passing of others in their generation, it gives me the chance to pause and appreciate the old Shorewood crowd, who I have known and loved my whole life. We have a special bond that we can still pick up each summer, and we share the love of such a special place. 

Even in my sadness, this makes me feel very lucky.

Carol Lovseth

Shelter Island