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Daniel Gale/Sotheby’s Shelter Island Heights office moving

After more than eight years of operating out of an office on Grand Avenue in Shelter Island Heights, Daniel Gale/Sotheby’s is moving.

Where the real estate firm is going remains under wraps, other than that it will still have an office on the Island, according to manager Catherine DeBackere.

She said she has an agreement with the new landlord not to disclose the new office site. She expects a move will take place by the end of April.

The office the company is leaving is owned by James Eklund. He’s seeking $3,000 a month rent for the space.

Mr. Eklund speculated that the move was related to downsizing, but Ms. DeBackere said that’s not the case. She just hired two new agents, which is an expansion.

Mr. Eklund noted the office Daniel Gale/Sotheby’s is leaving has been a rental property since about 1870 and is still a prime business location.

Among businesses that have operated there were an ice cream store and an art gallery.

Mr. Eklund said he was looking to renegotiate a lease with Daniel Gale/Sotheby’s several months ago and was told that the firm might be moving and would let him know by December. But he didn’t get notice until February, so is now hoping to line up a new tenant as soon as possible.