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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Allen M. Tooker of Laurel, Tyler J. Maguire of Montauk and Richard A. Steiner of East Haddam, Conn. were given summonses on Feb. 26, 27 and 29 on North Ferry and South Ferry roads and Smith Street, respectively, for driving uninspected vehicles.

Abimael Collazo of Greenport was driving on Grand Avenue on Feb. 27 when he was ticketed for operating a vehicle with the visibility distorted by broken glass.

Ellen L. Rosenthal of Great Barrington, Mass. was stopped on Cedar Avenue on March 1 for driving with inadequate or no brake lights.

Police conducted 30 traffic stops and distracted driving and radar enforcement in the Center, Menantic, the Heights, South Ferry Hills and West Neck on Feb. 25 through 29 and Mar. 1 and 2, resulting in the above tickets and 24 warnings.


On Feb. 27, Julieta S. Santos-Defabian of Shelter Island was exiting her vehicle in the Shelter Island School parking lot when she said a strong gust of wind caused the door to swing open and hit a parked vehicle belonging to Sheena L. Bocciolone of Port Jefferson Station. There was minor damage to the passenger door of Ms. Bocciolone’s vehicle.

Ms. Santos-Defabian was given a summons for a driver’s license infraction.

Other Reports

On Feb. 25, a caller told police about seeing an open door and two broken windows at an abandoned property in the Center and had noticed youths in the vicinity earlier. On the 26th, an officer stopped two juveniles on the property and subsequently spoke to their parents. The owner of the property was advised to board and lock all doors and windows to prevent access and/or injury.

Police opened a confidential investigation into a case involving drugs on Feb. 25.

On Feb. 25, a caller reported a possible burglary after seeing a broken window at a Center property. It was determined that the window had been cracked by a large bird; no other damage was noted.

Police received a report of an oven fire in Cartwright on Feb. 26. It had been put out by the caller prior to police arrival. The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) assisted in airing out the residence.

On Feb. 26, a complainant reported that a vehicle was crossing over a double yellow line in the Center several times. An officer located the vehicle, followed it and did not observe any traffic violations.

A Ram Island owner told police on Feb. 27 that someone had tried to enter the residence. An officer located fuel company workers near the pool house and interviewed an employee who stated he had entered the inside of the premises, with permission, to inspect the fireplace.

An open window was reported in West Neck on Feb. 29 by a caller who believed the owner was out of town. Police contacted the owner and determined there was no problem. On the same day, police were contacted about a prior fraud case.

An officer on patrol on Mar. 1 noticed an open garage bay door with the lights on at the Heights firehouse. The door was secured and the SIFD notified.

The same day, an officer noticed a man walking around a construction site in Silver Beach. The individual said he was on a bicycle ride and had stopped to “look around.” He was advised he was trespassing and to leave the property.

Police on patrol on Mar. 2, noticed phone lines were down in a Shorewood neighborhood; Verizon was notified.

A Center caller reported on Mar. 2 that razor wire and barbed wire were being used as fencing at a Center residence. The complaint was referred to the Building Department.

The Police Department provided civil documentation about hedges on a Heights property on Mar. 2, and also notified PSEG about wires down across a Center driveway.

A domestic dispute in the Center involving a family member was also reported on Mar. 2. That day, Emergency Medical Services conducted training on the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

There were three animal incidents during the week. A motorist reported an injured fox crossing the road onto the Shelter Island Country Club property on Feb. 25. It was gone when police arrived. A dog reported at large in Cartwright was returned to its owner on Feb. 2.

When a caller reported on Feb. 26 losing a dog that had run off, chasing a deer, an officer and volunteers spent hours searching for it. Finally on Feb. 29, the owner retrieved the dog at Tarkettle and Midway roads.


Two motion sensors were set off on Feb. 27 at homes in the Center and Hay Beach. Police found the exterior doors and windows were secure in one residence; high winds may have blown open an unsecured door in the second.

A basement smoke alarm at a Montclair residence was activated on Feb. 28 by an employee who was painting and had set off the alarm accidentally.

The SIFD responded to a fire alarm in the Center on Feb. 29, set off by a burnt bag of popcorn. On Mar. 1, a caretaker of a property in the Center said the alarm was triggered by trouble with the detector and keypad.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported two individuals to Southampton Hospital and Eastern Long Island Hospital on Feb. 25 and Mar. 1 respectively.