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South Ferry information and updates on service

Nicholas Morehead, chief operating officer of South Ferry, has provided information on the company’s continuing service.

“South Ferry is an essential service and we will be operating daily, Mr. Morehead said. “Baring unforeseen circumstances or mechanical issues, we will be running two boats, which constitutes a slightly reduced service mode.”

Below are key updates from South Ferry.

• First boat daily off of Shelter Island will continue to be 5:40 a.m.

• First boat from North Haven will continue to be 5:50 a.m.

Last boat, until further notice, will be at 11:45 p.m. off of Shelter Island.

• Last boat daily, until further notice, will beat at 11:50 p.m. from North Haven.

• Resident tickets (20 one way trips for $65) are currently being sold by mail. Residents are directed to send a check, cash, or credit card information (including the card number, expiration date, security code and Zip Code) and a self addressed stamped envelope to South Ferry, PO BOX 2024, Shelter Island NY 11964. Once that is received the company will mail your resident ticket.

• Non-resident tickets (one way, same day round trip, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian, commuter passes and 10 trip ticket books) are available for purchase online at Southferry.com.

• The company is continuing to take proactive measures to ensure the utmost safety of crews. Gloves and masks (if possible) are being provided as are sanitizing products and increased hand washing capabilities.

• The company is continuously educating crews and customers as to best practices such as remaining in their vehicles, minimizing crew/customer contact and prohibiting non-essential personnel in the pilot house. Any crew switches or changes have to be authorized by management.

• As of today the company is reducing shift lengths from 9 hours to 6 to reduce crew’s daily exposure. And each week going forward the company will be directing three crew members to stay home for a week. This keeps them out of the crew rotation and helps ensure an emergency reserve of a healthy crew in the event of any outbreak.

The company said it is actively working with the Shelter Island Police Department to monitor and transport sick or potentially infected customers if necessary.

They are also coordinating local health care professionals working on the front lines to ensure travel on South Ferry without interaction with crew.

Check their website or Facebook page — facebook.com/southferryinc — for any updates.