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News from Goat Hill: Winter rules, and more

Golf is one of the few outdoor recreational activities we can still enjoy in this COVID-19 world, as long as we use common sense on the course.

Shelter Island Country Club (SICC) is not yet officially open, as we weigh some operational challenges. However, a limited number of carts might be available soon on weekends at a special rate. Restrictions will apply. Watch for details.

In the meantime, golfers can still tee it up at Goat Hill seven days a week using our “winter rules” honor system. Members are free to walk the course or use their private carts.

Non-members are asked to deposit a modest fee of $10 (cash only) per person, per round, in the pouch attached to the sign by the clubhouse steps.

The clubhouse and pro shop remain closed and no restroom facilities are available at this time. The club thanks you for your cooperation and support.

Wherever you play, best practices on the golf course will help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable round.

It’s best to walk, always keeping a safe distance from other golfers. If you do rent a cart, please ride alone. Personally, I would ask the course to let you out as a single or a twosome, max.

You’ll be able to manage your movements better. Keep your carts at least 6 feet away and give each other safe distances on the tee boxes.

Most courses are doing a diligent job keeping carts clean, but take nothing for granted. Bring disinfecting wipes with you and wipe down all the parts of the cart you would touch — steering wheel, seat, directional lever, bag straps, windshield frame, handles and cart key.

Use wipes on all door handles to and from the pro shop and rest rooms.

Most courses have removed them, but in case a few were missed, do not use ball washers or rakes.

Leave the flag in the hole and don’t touch it. Stay extra safe by declaring any putt within three feet of the hole a “gimme.”

If playing in a twosome, take turns on the putting surface. One player putts out, while the other stays safely off the green at least 6 feet away.

Please, touch only your own ball. Don’t ball hawk. And, for goodness sake, don’t high-five or shake hands with anyone!

After your round, wipe down the grips on all of your clubs, your golf glove and all the places you touched on your golf bag. Remove your golf towel and toss it in your washing machine when you get home.

Now that you’ve completed your round, add up that stellar score and take your scorecard with you. If you didn’t bring your own pencil, wipe down the one you used and save it for next time.

As golfers, we know how to play by the rules. If we strictly adhere to all the current guidance for safe living, we can beat this pandemic. But it’s going to take all of us to do our parts, no matter what age we are or where we call home.

SICC launches new website

On a brighter note, SICC debuts a fresh new website this season. Visit shelterislandcc.org for course information, updates and membership applications. We offer several options to join, including discounted rates for seniors and Shelter Island first responders. Historic Goat Hill remains one of the most affordable clubs on the East End.

Shelter Island Country Club is a non-profit organization. Mary Fran Gleason is a member of the SICC Board of Trustees.