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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Incident reports

An anonymous caller told police on March 31 that a person was keeping lawn equipment on town property in Hay Beach. An officer left a message for the equipment’s owner to contact the police department.

Another person who wished to be anonymous reported young people in the skate park on March 31 during closed hours. They were advised to leave the area and get permission from the town to use the park.

A caller told police on April 1 that a pickup truck had parked in his driveway and a person had gotten out and walked to the rear of the property. An officer canvassed the area with no results. The caller subsequently notified police that he knew the person and no longer needed assistance.

Police looked into why a bicycle and other items were left in front of the North Ferry office for more than half an hour. It turned out that the owner was in the bathroom.

A caller told police on April 2 that while walking in Hay beach, she observed four men playing golf in close proximity to one another. When she confronted them, they became agitated. An officer was told by another person that the greens keeper had noticed the players and advised them on social distancing.

On April 2 debris was reported on a roadway in West Neck. Low-hanging wires were creating a hazard in the Center and Cablevision was notified.

The same day, the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a caller’s report of a burning plastic smell inside his Hay Beach home. The SIFD used thermal imaging cameras throughout the residence with negative results.

A non-violent domestic dispute was reported in the Center and a second non-violent dispute in Silver Beach on April 2. On April 5, a domestic incident in the Center was reported to for document purposes only.

On April 3, police advised a caller that he could not change the locks on a shared residence in Silver Beach in order to keep a person out and that communication between the two should be through their lawyers.

Police received information on April 3 that a Ram Island neighbor’s garbage, left in front of the residence, was blowing onto the roadway. When the officer arrived, Shelter Island Environmental was cleaning up the garbage.

A caller complained on April 3 about someone driving at high rates of speed around the Island. The officer contacted the vehicle’s owner who was advised to slow down or she would be given tickets in the future. The officer did not witness the incident since the complaint was after the fact.

Gun shots were heard in the Hay Beach area on April 3. The area was searched with negative results.

Unable to reach a primary care doctor, a caller asked police on April 4 how to contact someone for help with a family member who had possible COVID-19 symptoms. The police responded with the number of a medical professional who makes house calls and advised them to contact an Emergency Medical Services team if the condition worsens and she is unable to get medical help. The caller may also have been exposed to the virus.

A caller told police on April 4 that crews on the North and South ferries were not wearing personal protective equipment.

On April 5, a caller reported that an upset family member was driving a bulldozer on the property, creating noise. Later, when an officer arrived, the caller said the person was fine and there was no problem.

Also, on the 5th, police followed up on an anonymous report of a car speeding on Ram Island and then swerving out of lane towards a group of bikers. Police canvassed the area without results.

On April 5, police responded to a complainant who had a verbal issue with a volunteer in the Center. An officer interviewed the person who agreed to leave the property.

A caller reported on April 5 being a victim of a scam. She was referred to the New York Police Department where she lives.

Police received a report on April 6 from a caller about two or more people working on a construction site in Silver Beach. An officer interviewed an employee who said he was the only one working there but that lumber had been delivered by two individuals earlier.

A caller told police on April 6 that she saw an elderly female at the Center post office who appeared to be in respiratory distress. She was unable to identify the person.

There were five incidents involving animals during the week. An injured gull was transported to a vet for treatment; a sick fox in the roadway was gone when police arrived.

Dogs off the leash on Wades Beach charged at a caller a few days prior to the caller’s report to police. An officer talked to the owner who agreed to keep the dogs leashed. An officer returned a dog at large in Shorewood to its owner. In a Center incident, a caller said he was walking his dog when another dog broke off its leash and jumped on his dog. An animal control officer reported no injuries to the caller’s dog but gave the owner of the other dog a verbal warning.

In other reports, police assisted three residents in their homes, provided an escort from the North Ferry, conducted a well-being check, handled a lost and found case and responded to a false 911 call.


On April 1, a burglary alarm was set off at a garage door in Dering Harbor. There was no sign of any criminal activity. An officer notified the owner who thought the alarm had been canceled.

A second burglary alarm was activated on that date in the Center, set off when a cleaning person entered the wrong pass code.

The SIFD and police responded to a request to check an alarm system in the Center on April 1.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams responded to 10 aided cases during the week. Five people were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 1, 2, 3 and 6 and one to Southampton Hospital on April 1. Transport was refused in two cases and in another medical attention was declined. Additional information was not available in the 10th case.