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Saving history: Shelter Island Historical Society asks residents for information

The Shelter Island Historical Society has a request: share your experience of coping with the pandemic.

We’re living through a notable period in history and the Society has re-stated its mission of recording history as it happens.

The Society is asking Islanders to be a resource for future historians, to send their stories and thoughts about social distancing or quarantine, some photos, poems written, recipes created or updated, or anything that tells the truth of this moment in time that the Society can keep and catalog for Shelter Islanders of 2030, 2080, 2120.

An email message from the Society adds: “In this time of trouble and fear we must not relinquish hope. All hard times come to an end, they have before and they will again — the important thing is to travel this journey together.”

Contact the society’s Archival Department at [email protected]

When posting photos on Facebook or Instagram, please use the following hashtags for your submissions: #shelterislandhistoricalsociety #capturingthecovid19crisis #shelteredonshelterisland #historyinthemaking #shelterislandarchives

For more information, go to or call 631-749-0025.