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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Ronald S. Jernick was driving westbound on Bowditch Road on April 10 when a deer ran onto the roadway and struck his vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle; the deer was killed in the accident.

Later that day, Joseph P. Houston of Shelter Island was attempting to make a right turn on exiting a parking space in the IGA parking lot when he struck a parked vehicle, causing over $1,000 damage to the passenger-side step and rear quarter panel of his vehicle and the driver’s-side front of the parked vehicle.


A caller told police on April 7 that a vehicle had been parked on a Ram Island causeway for several days. An officer interviewed the vehicle’s owner who said he parked at that location to walk his dog in the morning.

Police were asked on April to provide information about the eviction process.

On April 8, the smell of gas in a South Ferry Hills home was reported. Police and the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded and found an outdoor propane tank was low on gas. The tank was turned off and the owner advised to call the propane company. A firefighter checked for carbon monoxide with negative results.

Two complaints were received on April 10 regarding ongoing construction projects in Silver Beach and the Center that were in possible violation of a New York State executive order regarding COVID-19. The sites, however, had received exemptions from the state to continue construction.

A caller complained on April 11 that neighbors were possibly traveling back and forth between Shelter Island and New York City and not following the town’s instruction to self-quarantine.

A social worker, concerned about health risks, was advised by police on April 11 that a tenant could invite friends into the residence and that there was no legal action that could be taken. The tenant was encouraged, however, to observe social distancing.

Police were told on April 11 that there was a boat at the end of the complainant’s dock in Cartwright with a large light and individuals talking loudly. The boat kept going farther down the creek where it was located by an officer, who learned the occupants were eeling along the coastline of Coecles Harbor.

A complainant reported on April 12 that tree work in the Center was in possible violation of a New York State executive order. An officer responded that tree and landscape maintenance was not considered non-essential. The employer was encouraged, however, to continue social distancing with his employees.

On April 13, police provided a caller with contact information for obtaining an order of protection. The same day, callers reported entering the Westmoreland residence of a tenant, after notice was given in advance, to inspect the interior and said the tenant became “agitated.” Police said no laws had been broken by the tenant and that the proper eviction process should be followed.

High winds on April 13 caused 11 reported cases of damage and hazardous conditions caused by downed trees and wires in the Center, Dering Harbor, West Neck, the Heights and South Ferry Hills. PSEG, Verizon and Cablevision were notified as needed.

A domestic dispute was reported in Cartwright on April 13.

In other reports, officers opened two cars with the keys locked inside, issued two warnings after a traffic stop in Menantic and conducted a well-being check.


On April 7, a residential alarm was activated in Hay Beach; the caretaker had entered the wrong passcode.

Police and the SIFD responded to a fire alarm in Silver Beach on April 13; it was set off by a faulty smoke detector.


Five reports involved animals this week. A caller reported baby squirrels following the residents around in West Neck. An officer said the squirrels were about four weeks old, dehydrated and in need of care; they were taken to a vet.

A sick raccoon was reported at South Ferry but was gone when police arrived. A Menantic caller told police about a loon with a broken wing. An officer captured the bird and arranged transport to a vet. An injured owl was reported in a pool on Little Ram and taken to a rehab facility.

A stray dog was sighted on a West Neck property but it had returned home next door before police arrived.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 7, 8 and 10 and two persons to Southampton Hospital on April 11 and 13. A team put a sling on an eighth case, a youth, on April 11, but advised the parent to drive to a walk-in clinic rather than having the youth transported to ELIH where he could be more susceptible to COVID-19.