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Gov. Cuomo’s decision last week to add golf courses to the state’s list of non-essential businesses compelled the Shelter Island Country Club (SICC) Board of Trustees to close the course.

The order prompted some confusion about whether golf could still be played even though golf course business operations were shut down.

The answer is an emphatic “no”.

“New York State’s current intention now appears to be clear based on recently received information from representatives of Empire State Development: no golf is to be played on golf courses until further notice,” the Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA) said in an April 11 post on its website, mgagolf.com. “That update, coupled with what we now know to be the enforcement efforts mentioned in our earlier communication, means New York State wants all golf courses closed.”

SICC is a member of the MGA, which serves as an umbrella golf association for the New York metropolitan area.

The Board of Trustees advises that anyone who ignores the closure and plays on the course does so at his or her own risk. The Board will not defend them should complaints be made.

The governor’s executive order is effective through April 29.

Until the Board is informed that play can be allowed, we will uphold the executive order. It is the prudent thing to do at this time.

None of us has experienced anything like this coronavirus pandemic before. Past practices don’t always seem the most appropriate for these times. Health and safety have to come first, and to that end, we cannot take anything for granted, be too lax, or behave defiantly.

We ask for your patience while we ride this out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe. Hopefully we will see you on the course soon.

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