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Five ‘active cases’ of COVID-19 on Shelter Island

There are now “five active cases” of the COVID-19 coronavirus on Shelter Island, according to Police Chief Jim Read, up from three active cases last week.

Eight Island cases have been confirmed, including the deaths of Forrest Compton and Kevin Brooks from the illness, and a health care worker “who has been cleared and returned to work,” Chief Read said.

At the town’s informational session Tuesday on the pandemic, it was noted that in police reports made public this week, no Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ambulance calls were listed.

A reporter asked if this could be attributed to people afraid to let EMS personnel in to treat them or go to a hospital where they could become infected with the virus.

Chief Read said EMS volunteers and police officers have plenty of personal protection equipment and strictly follow guidelines on dealing with patients during the pandemic.

No one should be concerned about calling for help, he said.