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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Stephen J. Cummings of Shelter Island was given a ticket on South Ferry Road on April 24 for operating a motorcycle with an invalid license. He was also ticketed for having insufficient lights and no horn.

On April 11, Zachery T. Renault of Shelter Island was issued a summons for operating an ATV on Gardiner’s Bay Drive in violation of limitations for ATV use.

Officers conducted seven traffic stops in the Center, Shell Beach and Menantic on April 22, 24, 25 and 27. Three stops were a result of a case of criminal mischief in Westmoreland where an unidentified person made circles in a field causing damage of less than $250.


There were four reported violations of New York State Executive Order 202 on essential and non-essential businesses during the week. On April 22, an anonymous caller reported a person selling T-shirts on a sidewalk on Bridge Street. The person was gone when an officer arrived but he found a contact number on a flyer and advised her not to sell the shirts in a public space, suggesting she use the internet or social media.

On the 23rd, a sign providing recommended safety precautions had been taken down from the Heights Post Office. An officer spoke to the postmaster and determined that the sign was removed due to a misunderstanding concerning the placement of a sign within a federal building. He explained that the sign was simply a recommendation, not a mandate for employees. The postmaster said that due to building restrictions the sign could not be placed in the front door or window. However, the sign would be made visible immediately upon entry.

On April 26, an anonymous caller reported a landscaping business was at a Hay Beach location with a bobcat. The caller was concerned the bobcat was being used to plant trees. An officer interviewed the employees who stated they were not planting and were aware of the executive order in effect.

Finally, a caller told police on April 25 that a large group of people at courts in the Center were playing tennis without practicing social distancing or wearing masks. The officer who responded saw a family getting into their van and leaving the location.

On April 21, a caller reported receiving harassing phone calls.

The same day, a caller told police about finding a dinghy tied up in Silver Beach without a town boat permit. An officer was unable to locate the owner and would notify the Highway Department to put the dinghy in the impound lot.

Police were told on April 22 about an email phishing scam and wanted to file a report for information purposes. The caller was advised to change the internet passwords and not to reply or click on any links within the email.

An extra patrol was requested for a Center business and residence on April 23. A caller told police that day that there were many vehicles parked along Route 114, in front of the Mashomack Trail House. Responding officers found that all vehicles were parked legally and that the Mashomack parking lot appeared to be at capacity.

On April 23, a caller reported observing a person walking in and out of STARs Café, yelling and appearing agitated. During an interview with an officer, the person said he was on the phone with his credit card company because his card had been denied. He also told police he was wearing noise canceling headphones that caused him to talk louder. He was advised to lower his voice in public when talking on the phone.

During the week, police assisted two residents in their homes, fingerprinted a person for employment purposes and responded to a lost and found report.


A burglar alarm was set off at a Long View residence on April 21. The owner was inside at the time and had activated the alarm by accident.

A fire alarm went off at a Dering Harbor home on April 21. The owner said she had been having problems with the alarm system.

A caller requested police assistance with an audible alarm at a Long View home on April 22. An officer found a carbon monoxide alarm with a low battery. He removed the alarm and advised the caller to contact Senior Services about replacing the unit.


A dog at large was called in by a Silver Beach resident on April 22 The officer on call picked up the dog, and its owner had also contacted the officer about the missing dog.

A caller told police that a dog in Cartwright had come onto her property on April 24 and went after her smaller dog. Although her dog was not harmed in any way, the officer spoke to the dog’s owner who promised to keep the dog contained.

Police were told on April 24 that a dog had run into her Center yard but the owner’s phone number on the dog tag appeared to have been disconnected. An officer contacted the owner who had already retrieved the dog.

The next day, a small black dog was running at large in the Heights; the owner had picked up the dog before an officer arrived.

A dead fox was reported in Westmoreland and an officer disposed of it on April 26.


A Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services team responded to a patient on April 23. The patient’s pain had subsided and no transport was required.