Shelter Island Reporter Editorial: Mother’s Day

As if they didn’t have enough to do, a pandemic added an extra burden of work for most mothers.

Coordinating their children’s education, working from home and keeping a household functioning on a daily basis has sent all parents into a whirlwind of days and nights that start early and never stop. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we’ll devote space here to pay them tribute. Fathers, you have to wait for June, but we won’t forget you, either.

Every generation looks back with envy at what seems an easier time to raise children. But some things never change; the rough times are almost always overtaken by the rewards of providing a good foundation for the ones we love. Now, this spring, challenges are front and center for those who care for children. The mothers who are steadfast in their role understand that rewards are there for the taking.

Although the pandemic has produced cabin fever on a large scale, many families are saying the enforced isolation has produced a renewed sense of closeness, and this is because of the spirit and energy from the adult in the room, who more often than not is the mother.

And often, she must accept the responsibility of keeping a family together and helping young ones navigate the uncertainties and fears of childhood, by going it alone.

According to U.S. Census data, last year there were 15 million single mothers who were the heads of American households, with 20 percent of children living primarily with a single mother.

We shouldn’t ignore them or stereotype them, but realize the majority of single mothers are sacrificing for their children and loving them.

The Shelter Island Country Club is organizing a drive-by Mother’s Day parade this Sunday (See Mary Fran Gleason’s Goat Hill Column, page 25).

It all starts at Crescent Beach Sunday at 11. For the route, and more information, go to shelterislandcc.org. The parade will tour the Island in tribute to those who have been and are in the process of doing their best to give their children values, and a chance to become whole, vibrant human beings.