Shelter Island Country Club sponsored Mother’s Day parade; Some golf restrictions lifted at Goat Hill

The Shelter Island Country Club is kicking off a Mother’s Day parade tomorrow.

In a note to its members, the Board of Trustees of the club wrote:

Our drive-by parade to show our appreciation for our Shelter Island Country Club member-moms and their friends and families across the Island starts at 11 a.m. Sunday, May 10 at Crescent Beach.

Please show up about 10 minutes before in your car, SUV or truck, line up and follow the lead vehicle. Make signs, decorate your vehicles and be ready to make some noise!

Here’s our route:

Mother’s Day Parade route

We are starting at Cresent Beach, then traveling via Stearn’s Point Road to Nostrand Parkway to Silver Beach.

After looping Silver Beach we will head back out West Neck Road with a drive through Harborview, back out to West Neck and then through Hilo Shores.

We’ll head down West Neck to Menantic and circle Montclar Colony back out to Smith Street. From Smith to St. Mary’s Road to the circle and then to Ram Island Road to Hay Beach, past Gardiner’s Bay CC, through Dering Harbor to Winthrop and then Route 114 North.

Through Bridge Street and then a right onto the ferry line.

Going through the Heights, looping back toward the drug store, straight past the hardware store and up the hill to Goat Hill. We may be taking a couple detours.

Beginning Saturday, May 9, threesomes and foursomes will now be allowed to play the course. Walking only. Motorized carts are still not available for rent at this time. Social distancing at all times is required.

Should safety guidelines be ignored, the board will be bound to restrict play. Non-member golfers are asked to pay the $20 cash-only greens fee. A box is located on the picnic table near the carts.