Around the Island

New life during a dark time; a family receives a gift to ‘cherish forever’

By Scott Feierstein

Nine months ago my family’s world was rocked by a big surprise. My wife Kimberly told me she was pregnant. We have two boys already, 9 and 7, and we thought we were done. I guess we were wrong.

We both still couldn’t quite believe it was happening right up to the C-section date.

When we confirmed Kimberly’s pregnancy in the fall of 2019, we had no idea this baby would be the light we needed during uncertain and sometimes dark times.

At 8:06 a.m. Monday, May 11, Boden Sage Feierstein was born. At 9 pounds, 3 ounces and 21 inches long, Boden was born, a big,  healthy boy. He has been a joyful distraction against these times we find ourselves in.

The only downside through all of the isolation and quarantine has been that Boden hasn’t been able to meet three out of four of his grandparents in person.

Two of his grandparents, Adrian and Stanley Feierstein live in Florida, and their flights were canceled by the pandemic.

Grandfather Michael Anglin is isolated and sleeping at Jack’s Marine on Bridge Street to keep the family business afloat.

Not seeing my mom snuggling and playing with Boden, not watching my dad singing to him, and not watching Michael telling him some interesting facts about something only he would know, is sad.

Thankfully, his grandmother Camille Anglin has been isolated with us for several weeks and has been able to be with the little guy.

But had COVID-19 happened several years ago, prior to the development of webcams and iPhones, many of our family and friends wouldn’t have had the joy of meeting baby Boden.

FaceTiming will never replace holding a newborn baby, smelling that delicious sweet baby scent, watching his eyes opening for the first time or seeing the first smile.

It is 2020, we are living through a pandemic, and life as we knew it might not be quite the same when this is all said and done. So we are happily using  technology to connect Boden to others.

Through all of this uncertainty and sadness, came this magical surprise. Boden is a gift our family will cherish forever.

The Feierstein boys. From left, Scott, Nathan Holding Boden, and Parker. (Credit: Courtesy photo)