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Three positive COVID cases at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club: All staff then tested with negative results

Two weeks ago, three employees of Gardiner’s Bay Country Club tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

A source from off-Island informed the Reporter of the cases, and Tuesday, Charles Marcus, general manager of the club, confirmed the information.

The three employees are members of the grounds crew who travel from off-Island to work at the club, Mr. Marcus said. Two of the employees travel in the same vehicle.

“When they called and said they weren’t feeling well, we told them to stay home and get tested immediately,” the club official said.

The results were positive and they were ordered to remain in isolation at home. All three are now doing fine, Mr. Marcus said.

Through contact tracing, another four people were told to stay at home and self-quarantine for 14 days.

“In 36 hours of learning this, we had the entire staff tested,” Mr. Marcus said, which totaled 40 people, and all tests came back negative.

Kenneth Nolan, president of GBCC, said all members of the club were informed about the COVID case as soon as the club confirmed staff members had tested positive for the virus.

“We notified Town Supervisor Gerry Siller, via phone and email on June 3, 2020, of this development,” Mr. Nolan said. In addition, Mr, Nolan said, Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams and Police Chief Jim Read were aware of the situation.

Since then all protocols to keep the virus from spreading are being followed by the staff, including social distancing and wearing masks, Mr. Marcus said, plus cleaning of the facility and equipment is ongoing.

Mr. Nolan added that temperatures are taken “of every staff member when they arrive and when they leave to make sure no fever exists.”