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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Charles J. Murray of Shelter Island was given a ticket on July 2 for lighting garbage on fire without the required town code approval. The open burn spread to surrounding brush and was extinguished by the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD).

On July 4, Domenico J. Seddio of Shelter Island received two summonses for driving on Shore Road at a speed not “reasonable or prudent” and for operating a vehicle out of class.

Two tickets were issued on July 4 to Will Vega-Criollo of Brooklyn and Juan L. Navarro of West Harrison, N.Y. for camping on a Reel Point beach. On July 5, Alfredo Pena III of Miami, Fla. was ticketed in Smith Cove for not having personal flotation devices on board. Alexandros Argyros of Whitestone was also given a summons in Smith Cove for towing a person without an observer.

Police conducted traffic stops and distracted driving and radar enforcement in the Center, on Ram Island, the Heights, West Neck and Menantic on June 30 and July 1 through 6, resulting in two tickets and eight warnings.


A witness reported on June 18 that an unknown male driving a dark-colored Subaru with Virginia registration backed into a vehicle owned by James M. Rando of Shelter Island, which was parked opposite the entrance and parking area of the Shelter Island Country Club. Damage to the rear of the driver’s-side of Mr. Rando’s vehicle exceeded $1,000. In a subsequent report on June 28, a caller told police about observing a vehicle matching the above description in West Neck. An officer interviewed the owner who stated he wasn’t in the area on the day of the accident and that no one else was driving his vehicle on that day.

Abbie H. Newman of New York City was backing out of a driveway on Tim’s Trail on July 3 when she hit a vehicle parked across the street, owned by Brendon Hoffman of Franklin Square, N.Y. There were no injuries but damage to the rear driver’s-side of both vehicles exceeded $1,000.

Other reports

Police investigated a report on June 30 regarding threatening text messages and received a call about a dispute in Shorewood over the illegal dumping of garbage at Wades Beach. Also on the 30th, an extra patrol was assigned in the Center when a caller told police she was notified by a friend that a suspicious man had been waiting in front of her house.

The SIFD and police responded to a report of a dryer fire at a Hay Beach residence on June 30. There wasn’t an active fire but the dryer was disconnected; the SIFD checked the electrical panel and outlet for excessive heat and fanned the residence.

On July 1, a caller told police that a basketball hoop was on a Hay Beach roadway, impeding traffic. The owner said a family member forgot to move it but was advised to find a safer location.

A passing motorist notified police on July 1 that a young person on a bicycle in the Center appeared to need some help. An officer located him; he was lost and was assisted in returning home.

A verbal altercation was reported on July 1 in the Heights; both parties were advised not to communicate with one another.

Police investigated a case of trespass in Silver Beach on July 2. On that day a caller reported that after an extended absence he returned home to find that an osprey platform, located on the property for more than 20 years, was missing. An officer located the platform, which had rotted and fallen into the phragmites.

A partially submerged boat was reported in Southold Bay on July 2 and was a nautical hazard. A loud bang was heard in the Center on that date; an officer found that a tire had blown on a trailer.

On July 3, 4 and 5, police made numerous Environmental Conservation Law  and beach camping checks at Silver Beach, Ram Island, Hay Beach and Bootlegger’s Alley.

A verbal disagreement was reported in the Center on July 3. A call that day notified police that approximately 12 people would be under a tent and practicing social distancing, in the event that police receive any complaints.

On July 3 police were told that young people were skateboarding on a Heights property and also out onto the street. She wanted them spoken to by police but they were gone when police arrived.

An officer on patrol noticed a sailboat aground in West Neck Harbor on that date. The boat was assisted back to the channel. The SIFD and police investigated a report of a fire in a West Neck home. They turned off the electricity to an outdoor air conditioner cable and also checked the interior of the home. No further action was necessary.

A caller complained on July 3 about loud music and noisy people outside a Menantic house. The owner said she would have the people quiet down and would lower the music. Fireworks were reported in HiLo Shores on the same day; An officer saw a small gathering of people, one of whom said they had shot off a few fireworks earlier.

A Silver Beach caller told police on the 3rd that sparks and smoke were coming from an electric heater. An officer turned off the electricity to the area and the SIFD checked the room with a thermal camera. Police also responded to a domestic dispute on Ram Island.

Also on the 3rd, as the result of an overheard phone conversation that contained threatening comments, police escorted the subjects home without incident and advised them to contact Southold Police where the report originated.

On July 4, illegal evictions were reported to police; a capsized boat at Conklin Point was assisted by a marine unit; police provided civil documentation in a custody dispute on Ram Island; and a domestic dispute in the Center was called in.

Fireworks were reported in the Center on July 4 but the person involved said that there would be no more fireworks that evening. An anonymous caller told police there were fireworks on Ram Island but the area was canvassed with negative results.

On July 5, police followed up on a report of tailgating and improper use of a horn in the Heights. That day, an officer on patrol noticed several bags of garbage on the side of a roadway on Ram Island. A downed tree on Ram Island was blocking two lanes of traffic. In both cases, the Shelter Island Highway Department was notified.

Police received an anonymous report on July 5 that jet skiers were operating at a high rate of speed in Coecles Harbor. Police found the jet skis tied to an anchored boat and advised the owner about the town code concerning jet ski operations in town waters.

Bank fraud documentation was provided to police on July 6 at headquarters.

In other incidents during the week, police opened two vehicles and a house with the keys locked inside; responded to five lost and found reports; assisted three residents in their homes; conducted a well-being check; and helped the motorist of a disabled vehicle.


A medical alert was activated accidentally in the Center on July 1. A Center owner who forgot the code set off a residential alarm on that day as well.

The SIFD responded to three fire alarms on July 1 and 4 on Ram Island, Hay Beach and the Center. One was set off accidentally, one was due to cooking smoke and a third was the result of burnt toast. The SIFD also checked on two carbon monoxide alarms in the Center on July 3 and the Heights on July 5; there was no indication of carbon monoxide in either case.

A burglary alarm on July 3 in Silver Beach at a building under construction was unfounded and a panic alarm in the Center was activated accidentally on July 5.


A dog being walked on Wades Beach was reported but the area searched with negative results. Reports of dogs at large at Wades were also unsubstantiated by officers who spent considerable time there, although a number of people commented on the amount of dog feces on the beach. In one case, police saw four dogs approach the beach, then leave when the owners noticed the animal control vehicle.

A dog at large in the Heights turned out to live at that address.

Barking dogs in Menantic were reported but the officer found no violation of the town code.

During the week, there were six reports of sick raccoons in West Neck, Ram Island, Dering Harbor and the Center. One was transported for euthanasia; one climbed away into thick brush; and officers searched for the others unsuccessfully;

Aided Cases

The Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 2, 4 and 5. Teams responded to two cases on July 1 and 6 where transportation was refused, one case on July 4 where medical attention was refused and another on July 2 where both medical attention and transportation were refused.