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SICC launches season’s first tourney

Pick your weapons! Shelter Island Country Club’s (SICC) first tournament of the season — “Three Clubs and a Putter” — takes place on Sunday, July 19. Shotgun start is 4 p.m.

Golfers can have only three clubs of their choosing, plus a putter, in their bag. That’s it. All other clubs must be removed.

The tournament is open to all. Cost is $30 for members and $45 for non-members. It includes cart, food, drink ticket and cash prizes. Mulligans and 50-50 raffle tickets can be purchased on the day of the tournament.

Sign up at the pro shop or by email to [email protected] Carts will be available on a limited basis, so please indicate whether you will need a rental cart. Remember, one golfer per cart unless you live in the same household.

Golfers can form their own foursomes, if they choose. Otherwise, the Golf Committee will create the groups.

The course will close at 2 p.m. on July 19 for the tournament.

Tuesday Twosomes

The Tuesday Twosomes summer league tees off weekly at 5 p.m. There’s still room to join. Sign up by emailing [email protected] or at the pro shop. Weekly league fee is $10 for members, $15 for members renting a cart. The cost for non-members is $40 (league and greens fees and cart rental).

Golfers can form their own twosomes. Single golfers will be paired by the Golf Committee. Everyone plays their own game. No mulligans and no gimmees. Scorecards must be turned in to the Golf Committee each week.

End-of-the-season prizes in various categories will be awarded in September.

Stay safe and healthy

Please remember to practice safe distancing at all times when visiting us at Goat Hill. Face coverings are required to access the clubhouse porch and clubhouse restrooms. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Flying Goat hours

The Flying Goat restaurant is open every day except Wednesday from noon to 7 p.m. Table service is available on the clubhouse porch, while drinks and bar menu service is available at the picnic tables. Please call 631-749-5404 for early dinner reservations.

From the archives

The founders of SICC were much more forgiving of a golfer’s errant ways, especially when they interacted with trees and rocks. Here are the club’s ground rules from the early 1900s, compared with ground rules today:

Hole No. 1: A ball driven from the tee into road may be dropped back without penalty.

Hole No. 2: Ball driven or played into road to the right is out of bounds. Road to the left [you can still see remnants of the single lane dirt road through cedar trees] is a hazard.

Hole No. 3: Ball lying against trunk of oak tree may be moved club’s length but not nearer to the hole. Road [the aforementioned dirt road through cedar trees] is a hazard. Sand pit to the right is a hazard [sand pit, or bunker, is no longer there.]

Hole No. 6: Road to right is a hazard.

Hole No. 7: If ball driven from the tee strikes large rock, player may drive again without penalty. Ball resting against rock may be moved a club’s length without penalty, but not nearer the hole. [Said rock could be the one barely visible on top of the first hill.]

Hole No. 8: Ball resting against rock in fair green may be moved club’s length without penalty but not nearer the hole. [Now I’m confused. What rock?]

And one more thing

Do not climb terraces at 9th hole. [No penalty mentioned, but it must have been a whopper.]

Today’s ground rules

1. Ball in fairway may be placed to improve lie up to one club length not near the hole, no penalty.

2. Low fence along Hole No. 7 is an immovable obstruction. Ball may be placed up to one club length away not nearer the hole. No penalty.

3. Ball on or beyond perimeter roads (Holes 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9) is out of bounds. Ball beyond fence on Hole No. 7, or on private property, is out of bounds. Penalty is 1 stroke and loss of distance for replay or 2 strokes if played at the best estimated exit point. The same penalty applies to lost ball in bounds.