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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Bay constables issued two tickets on July 11. Ralph Cary Casler of Port St. Lucie, Fla. was ticketed for operating an unregistered motor boat in the waters off West Neck. The captain and passengers were advised about the penalties for “bow riding.” Pavel Tomsa of Dania Beach, Fla. was given a summons for having insufficient/non-approved PFDs on board.

Also on July 11, Jose L. Cosios-Guevara of East Hampton was ticketed on St. Mary’s Road for speeding — 48 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone. Iris Y. Zonlight of Sag Harbor received a summons for making an improper left turn off a two-way South Menantic roadway.

On July 13, Ari Adut of New York City was driving on West Neck Road when he was ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign. That day, Alasdair R. McFarland of Houston, Tex. was given two tickets on North Ferry Road for operating out of class and for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Police conducted traffic stops and radar and distracted driving enforcement July 7 through 13 in the Center, the Heights, Menantic, South Ferry, Hay Beach and Silver Beach, resulting in five tickets and 16 warnings.

Forty-nine parking tickets were issued by traffic control officers during the week.


Garth R. Burnett of Elmont, N.Y. told police on July 12 that he was pulling out from a stop onto the intersection of Smith Street and Midway Road when he let off the brake and clutch causing his vehicle to roll back into a vehicle driven by Daniel Evan Pawlik of Mattituck. Mr. Pawlik said there were approximately 3 feet between the two vehicles. According to a draft police report, there was over $1,000 in damage to the rear of Mr. Burnett’s vehicle and the front end of Mr. Pawlik’s.

Other reports

During the week, police made several beach and camping checks, as well as Environmental Conservation law enforcement in Silver Beach and Reel Point on Ram Island

Suffolk County police received an anonymous complaint on July 7 about employees prepping food without wearing personal protection equipment. An officer spoke to the workers, who were wearing protection, about the complaint.

A second complaint about a violation of New York State Executive Order 202 was also received on July 7, stating that employees were not wearing masks nor practicing social distancing. An officer found all customers and employees were compliant; the report was declared unfounded.

A caller who reported a case of harassment on July 7 was told by police that it did not rise to that level. Both parties were advised to refrain from any contact with each other.

On July 7, a kayak was reported washed ashore on Ram Island; the owner was contacted and will remove it.

An officer on patrol saw a downed tree limb blocking a Dering Harbor roadway on July 8. The Shelter Island Highway Department (SIHD) was notified.

A caller told police on July 8 that young people were playing loud music on a Menantic roadway. An officer canvassed the area with negative results.

While on patrol on July 9, an officer noticed an unattended campfire on Hay Beach. Two young people said they had walked down to the fire but did not see anyone there. An officer extinguished the fire.

On July 9, loud music was reported coming from a boat anchored in Silver Beach; the owner of the boat lowered the volume. That day, a call about trash from a bonfire left on the beach was phoned into police. An officer found beer cans, a shovel, two pallets and a gas tank. An extra patrol was requested.

A caller told police on July 9 there were fireworks in West Neck; police searched the area with no results.

A complainant reported a vehicle speeding in the Center on July 10. The driver was located and advised about the complaint. Also on the 10th, downed trees were reported on Heights and West Neck roadways. The SIHD responded. Police investigated a complaint about a person “roaming around” in the Center. The person was interviewed and said he was just walking in the rain and clearing his head.

On July 11, a tree limb was reported leaning on a power line in the Center; PSEG was notified.

A caller told police on July 11 that several people where fighting on board a South Ferry boat, headed for Shelter Island. An officer determined that the altercation occurred within Southampton police jurisdiction and the ferry captain agreed. During the fight, there was damage to a driver’s-side rear quarter panel.

A caller reported a missing boat storage sticker in Silver Beach on July 11. Someone had replaced the sticker with an old one. The sticker’s owner was contacted.

The same day, an officer assisted a marine unit with an overturned kayak and two people in the water off the Heights. A parent told police for information only that her daughter was out on a boat in South Ferry Hills with friends when another boat pulled up and invited them to party. An officer confirmed that a resident was allowed to anchor a boat outside a designated anchorage for up to four consecutive days.

An officer on patrol on Ram Island on July 11 noticed several people carrying cases of beer. No one was 21 or older. The youths were told to pour out and discard all alcohol; a large pallet fire was also extinguished.

A caller notified police on July 12 that a low-flying passenger jet had attempted to land at Westmoreland Field, and then circled several times in the area of West Neck Harbor. A marine unit spotted the aircraft, which was flying low at a high rate of speed and appeared to have landing lights on. East Hampton airport was notified in an attempt to locate the pilot.

Also on the 12th, police received a complaint about several boats anchored outside the designated area on Ram Island. An officer spoke to the owners and asked them to relocate. An officer on patrol responded to the operator of a disabled boat in West Neck and assisted the owner in getting the boat back to the dock. Also on patrol, an officer noticed a Sunfish break its sail and end up in the rocks off Shorewood and assisted the owner.

Cablevision was notified of a low-hanging wire on Ram Island on July 12. Loud music and fireworks were reported in the Center on the 12th. An officer found a family gathering in a backyard; there were no fireworks, and the owner turned off the music.

An anonymous caller told police about gunshots at Sylvester Manor on July 12; the area was searched with negative results.

A caller reported a large boat was anchored inside a designated swim area at Crescent Beach on July 12; the owner was advised to move the boat and did. Also on that day, an officer reviewed the credentials of a commercial clammer in Montclair; the catch was checked and permits were in place.

On the 13th, police assigned a case number to a property dispute investigation in Dering Harbor.

Speeding motorcycles in the Center were reported in the Center on July 13; police assigned an extra patrol. Floating debris in Dickerson Creek was removed by police and the SIHD. The same date, a caller told police there were people with flashlights yelling on a Silver Beach. The area was searched with negative results.

A passing motorist reported on July 13 that young people were attempting to break off wood from a Silver Beach bulkhead to start a fire. An officer located some individuals who said they had tried to start a fire but didn’t touch the bulkhead. The officer did not see any damage or broken bulkhead pieces. They were advised about campfire regulations.


A residential alarm in Silver Beach was activated on July 7; there was no sign of criminal activity. A second system was set off in West Neck on the 8th and the system turned off. Three fire alarms were activated in Hay Beach and Westmoreland on July 11, 12 and 13. Cooking set off one, a low battery caused the second and the third was a false alarm. The SIFD also responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in Menantic on July 9 but readings were negative. There were negative problems with a Ram Island alarm on July 8 and the wrong code was entered at a residence on July 12.


A complainant said barking dogs were an ongoing issue in Shorewood; police found no violations but spoke to the owner. A caller reported that a barking dog in the Center was a regular occurrence; the owner was advised of the complaint.

A dog at large in the Center was reported, but an officer found a dog matching the description on the caller’s front lawn.

A caller reported that a loose dog in the Center had been trespassing on the property and was advised to call when that happened again. Dogs off the leash were reported swimming in the water off Hay Beach and chasing people into the water. The owner was advised to control the dogs while other people were on the beach. Dogs at large in the Center and Hay Beach were reunited with their owners.

An anonymous caller found a dog in the Heights; when police arrived, it made its way back home.

An injured osprey fledgling was reported in the Heights; it was in good condition and no further action was taken. Another osprey fledgling was reported in the Heights. It was healthy and the police moved it closer to the nest. A caller reported that a baby osprey fell out of a Heights nest. An animal control officer said the bird was learning to fly and was not injured. It was moved off the roadway.

An officer responded to a report about an orphaned bird in the Center; found nothing wrong with the bird; and noted that its parents were close by.

A caller documented ongoing issues with a Center neighbor’s cat, which came on to the caller’s property and caused damage. An officer responded to a report of an injured bird in Silver Beach and another in the Heights that was taken to the vet. An injured woodchuck in the Center was transported to a veterinarian.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 8, 11, 12 and 13. A fifth case refused medical attention and transport on July 8.