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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

Did adopt

To the Editor:

While I am appreciative of your efforts to help publicize and champion the launch of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Update, I’d like to clarify the statement made in the third paragraph of your July 9, 2020 editorial, titled “Comprehensive.”

The Town Board in fact did adopt the Shelter Island Comprehensive Plan on January 3, 1994 after a great deal of public involvement in the planning process.

While the 2008 Comprehensive Plan was not adopted by the Town Board, the substantial amount of work completed by community volunteers, helped shape thinking about the future of Shelter Island.

The Town Board is committed, with leadership by Councilmen Mike Bebon and Albert Dickson, to a planning process with extensive public involvement leading to the adoption of a useful direction setting roadmap to the future of Shelter Island.

I would like Shelter Islanders to be confident that their involvement in this effort, either in a formal role as part of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, or as participants in public meetings, will be a valuable contribution toward the successful adoption of “Shelter Island 2030.”

Edward Hindin

Project Director, Town of Shelter Island

Be vigilant

To the Editor:

When I opened up The Reporter on July 2 and saw all those beautiful young people in a graduation picture on the front page, I thought at first that it must be from last year.

How could all the precautions required to be taken in a pandemic be so ignored? I understand the desire of the graduates to be together on this special day, but where were the teachers and administrators to provide guidance?

I know we have been relatively safe so far (with some important exceptions) and live on a sheltered

Island, but this virus knows no borders (land or water) and can attack at anytime.

I don’t want to be a Drama King, but until this nightmare ends, we must be vigilant.

Dick Behrke

Shelter Island

A love letter

To the Editor:

Crazy times we’re living in, so much of it is hard to believe. I’m exceedingly grateful to be living out these times on Shelter Island.

We are so fortunate. Local businesses that have managed to stay open through this crisis have done a wonderful job. When the virus first broke people were terrified of a food shortage. I’ve found items in the IGA that weren’t available in King Kullen, Stop and Shop or Peapod. I commend them for keeping their shelves stocked, and kudos to all the dedicated volunteers. The only stores we frequented, until recently, were the IGA, Hardware Store, Pharmacy, and the Post Office. I was amazed at how well they handled the stress of dealing with the pandemic and still cheerfully waited on customers.

Now that more places are open, good sense seems to be prevailing. I work at White Oak Farm and Gardens. Our customers have been cooperative and understanding. Most people I’ve come in contact with, anywhere in town, have been kind, and have retained their sense of humor, so essential in times of stress.

One negative I would mention is that occasionally, I’ve seen used masks tossed to the side of the road — no excuse for that.

I’d like to give a shout out to our Police Department, ferry crews, Ambulance and Fire Departments, the Senior Center, to school children not having normal school days, no prom and an unexpectedly different graduation, and to their parents who have home schooled them. I could go on forever here. To those businesses and places I’ve neglected to mention, I know you‘re all working hard, no favoritism is intended. I’ll just say a sincere thank you.

Bottom line is that it’s all about neighbors helping neighbors. I’m so proud to live here. We’re flawed, but we’re a great town. We care. I see it daily in all of you. I grew up here, my dad was a harelegger. Mom was from Brooklyn. They met one weekend at the Chequit and I landed in paradise. It’s such a uniquely special place and so absolutely beautiful.

Shelter Island, this is your love letter. I love this community and I never take you for granted. Keep up the great work! May you stay safe and continue to thrive.

Dawn LoBue

Shelter Island

With thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of our entire Shelter Island IGA team, we would like to thank Chief Jim Read, the Shelter Island Police Department, and Town Supervisor Gerry Siller for creating a task force of volunteers at the start of the pandemic.

Thanks to those who stood (and sometimes danced) outside in the sun, rain and cold to help keep the store and town safe. We also appreciate everyone from The Shelter Island Senior Center, who have been making deliveries for those unable to shop in person with us.

Thank you to our customers for your patience, as we continue to get through these unprecedented times. We truly appreciate you.

The Shelter Island IGA

Thanks to all

To the Editor:

The Finance Council of Our Lady of the Isle Parish expresses gratitude to all parishioners and Islanders who supported the Parish during the 11 Sundays when public Mass was not offered and in-pew donations were not received. Unexpectedly, the Parish income increased 18% through mailed and delivered donations.

May God reward you all.

Catherine Driscoll

Deputy Chairwoman of the re-Charging Parish Task Force

This land

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Community Preservation Advisory Committee we would like to thank the Reporter and Susan Carey Dempsey for the wonderful article referencing the Mildred Flower Hird Preserve and Old Lima Field Preserve (“Summer Saunters: Touring the nature preserves”, July 9).  Every day I see more and more families enjoying a nature walk in our open space land that was paid for by the taxpayers.

We are planning in 2021 presenting a educational program combining land preservation and the history of Shelter Island in relation to properties and the people, called, “This land is your land.” This is a joint project of the Shelter Island Historical Society and the Community Preservation Fund. The pandemic has created some obstacles, but we are pressing forward and will keep you posted with dates as time goes on.

Gordon Gooding

Shelter Island

So much upset

To the Editor:

Come on folks, give the girl a break. So much upset about her GoFund page.

Marie Eiffel is a very hardworking gal. In the fall she had to go to Paris to visit designer showrooms to select items for her shoppe and get inspiration for her label. Then on to India to have her clothes manufactured. While in India to oversee production she would spend sometime at a spa/retreat. She has an image to maintain afterall.

Back on Shelter Island she must buy buildings to house her many businesses. The sale of her clothing and croissants plus her rental income from her Heights property is not enough to maintain her and Jason’s lifestyle.

My husband once said to me, “Susan, your problem is that you expect life to be fair.”

If only it were so.

S Ladik

Shelter Island