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A day at Crescent Beach

Last weekend was a scorcher on Shelter Island and, for some, it was a no-brainer to head to the beach.

Crescent Beach — older Islanders will inevitably correct you by calling the beautiful crescent-shaped strip of sand “Louis Beach” — is one of the most popular beaches with a lifeguarded area.

In previous summers, the Sunset Beach Hotel, The Perlman Music Program, and The Pridwin Hotel have added to the popularity of the beach, but with The Pridwin’s closure due to construction and Sunset Beach’s and PMP’s closures due to COVID-19, it has changed the dynamic of the Island’s signature swimming and sunbathing spot. It’s a slower pace, and much more room to stretch out and social distance.

While all of the main facilities along the beach are closed this summer, The Islander has introduced a food truck serving fish tacos, chicken fingers, slushies, and much more. Jaycie, an employee at the truck, said business was going well, especially on the weekends.

Another business that is doing exceptionally well is Venture Out, a paddle board and kayak rental service, said owner Matty Stromberg. “Business is booming,” Mr. Stromberg said, adding that the yoga classes offered on the beach are also doing well.

Crescent Beach has added beach monitors this summer to help remind people of social distancing protocols in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Beach Monitor Carly Browngardt said when she approaches people to remind them of public health safety measures, there are only two reactions: they either follow instructions or they give her a hard time, declaring they have a right to wear a mask or not .

Even though there have been changes to Crescent Beach, there is still the area roped off and watched by lifeguards. Lifeguards Cass Egan, Margaret Schultheis and Bella Springer have noticed there have not been as many people at the beach compared to previous summers.

But there is a lot of summer left.