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Shelter Island water report

Councilman Mike Bebon, Town Board liaison to the Water Advisory Committee (WAC), released information on rainfall and drought on the Island.

Below are total rainfall amounts (in inches) year-to-date (YTD) as of June each year as compiled by WAC:

2017     22.71”

2018     22.08”

2019     26.90”

2020     16.31”

June 2020 was a very low rainfall month at 1.01.”

Month to date July 2020 is 1.02,” so total rainfall to date in 2020 is 17.33” (YTD June + July).

As a reference point, the mean annual rainfall for the Island’s  area (USGS data over the period 1901 — 2000) is 44.53.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “US Drought Monitor” as of July 14 has Shelter Island remaining at a “D0 rating,” or “Abnormally Dry.” This is on a scale of D0 Abnormally Dry, D1 Moderate Drought, D2 Severe Drought, D3 Extreme Drought, D4 Exceptional Drought.

Some parts of Connecticut and western Massachusetts are at D1 Moderate Drought.