Around the Island

Richard’s Almanac: Staying fit inside and out

There’s Seated Zumba Gold led by Susan Binder on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. Susan also leads Seated Functional Fitness on Thursdays at 11 a.m.

Then we have the Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. That’s done in conjunction with Touro College occupational therapy students.

Finally on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. the Touro College students will instruct in Seated Tai Chi. According to the literature the Seated Zumba Gold is great for those with limited mobility and balance issues. Participants go at their own pace. It is said to be a “great core, arm and brain workout.” The Seated Functional Fitness builds up endurance, strength, balance and flexibility for the participants, it was learned.

As for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, the description says to “leave loneliness and stress behind. Keep active, free your mind, outdoors in nature to unwind.”

Each participant in the scavenger hunt will ride around in their own car as they explore a different part of the Island each week.

In the Tai Chi with Me, those seniors in the class will perform slow movements with deep breathing. This will lead to improved muscle strength and endurance. In addition to increasing balance and flexibility, tai chi is also said to slow down the aging process while reducing stress and supporting relaxation.

These programs are available to all without leaving home except for the scavenger hunt in which you or your caregiver will have to drive.

To sign up for any of these programs or to get more information, just contact Sara at the center at 631-749-1059.

Meanwhile, I was sad to read about the passing of Edna Meade. I remember my very young children getting excited when the “newspaper lady” delivered Newsday. Sometimes Edna’s husband Jim would deliver the paper in his silver Porsche. One time he delivered while my brother was visiting and he was prompted to say, “That’s quite a car your paper boy drives.”

The kids also used to get very happy when they saw the UPS truck, which for them signified a delivery from the “present man.”

On another subject, I spent some time on Friday at the skateboard park on Bowditch Road. My grandson was giving a beginner lesson to a 9-year old who was totally new to boarding. My grandson Leonardo is 14 and loves skateboarding. He’s been to skateboard camp for the past two summers and was supposed to go this summer but COVID-19 canceled that.

I was very impressed with his patience during the instruction process.