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Shelter Island Police Department Blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Dylan J. Kogan of New York City was driving on St. Mary’s Road on July 28 when he was given a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign.

On the 30th, Kathryn D. Dinkel of New York City received a summons on New York Avenue for driving a vehicle with visibility distorted by broken glass.

That day, Bartholomew J. Lawson of Shelter Island was driving on South Ferry Road when he was ticketed for making an improper/unsafe turn without signaling.

Also on July 30, John Cummings of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. was given a summons for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

Police ticketed Mark L. Botiridy of Southold for failure to keep to the right on North Ferry Road on July 31.

On Aug. 1, Michael J. Zambrelli of New York City failed to stop at a stop sign on Manhanset Road and was given a summons.

Also on the 1st, Kevin Tobon of East Elmhurst was ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign on Manwaring Road.

A bay constable issued a summons to Helmer Barzallo of Patchogue on Aug. 2 for keeping undersized porgies off Highberry Lane.

From July 28 through 31 and on Aug. 1, police conducted 39 traffic stops and radar and distracted driving enforcement in the Center, West Neck, the Heights, Menantic and South Ferry Hills, resulting in seven tickets and 27 warnings.

Traffic control officers issued 42 parking tickets.


A South Ferry employee reported that on July 29, while directing vehicles off the boat, the back right side of a trailer attached to a vehicle driven by Amilcar Monge-Murcia of Riverhead, was pulling off from the right side of the boat when it hit a parked vehicle driven by D’Anto Rhys Coore. There was minor damage to the left front bumper and door of Mr. Coore’s vehicle; no damage to the other vehicle. The owner of the South Ferry company said the company would pay for the damages.

The next day, Huson B. Sherman of Shelter Island was backing up in the Recycling Center when his pickup truck hit a car driven by Lisa K. Dallos of New York City as she was passing by. There was damage of over $1,000 to the right rear bumper and quarter panel of Ms. Dallos’ car; no damage to Mr. Sherman’s vehicle.


On July 31 and Aug. 1 and 2, police continued to make several beach and Environmental Conservation Law checks in Sliver Beach, Ram Island and Hay Beach.

On July 28, an inflatable dinghy was operated at an excessive speed near anchored or moored boats in Coecles Harbor. The person was warned by an officer about the legal and safety issues regarding high speeds within 100 feet of other boats.

A caller reported on July 29 that someone may have removed a headlight unit from her vehicle. Police determined that it had fallen out of its socket and that there were no signs of tampering.

Police were told on July 29 that a group of about 20 people was walking in the Center, in violation of NYS Executive Order 202. The area was canvassed with no results. A second complaint about a large gathering was also received at the location; an officer saw less than 50 people. They were advised to practice social distancing and to wear masks when that wasn’t possible.

While on patrol on July 30, an officer noticed young people at a picnic table in West Neck with an unopened liquor bottle and several beers. No one was 21 or older and they were told to pour out and discard all alcoholic beverages.

A Center caller reported that a neighbor’s driveway was not on the proper easement location; police advised the caller that property line disputes were civil in nature.

Police investigated a prank phone call to a women’s crisis hotline on July 30.

Police were told that a vehicle was being driven in a Center neighbor’s horse paddock on July 30. The driver agreed to park the vehicle for the night without incident.

In response to a call on the 31st, an officer found several graffiti markings in the Heights. Graffiti was also reported on a fence in the Heights on Aug. 2 and on a private property in the Heights as well. A case in the Center was reported on that date, and graffiti was cited on a Center town garbage can also on Aug. 2.

On the 31st, a kayak at Fresh Pond was impounded.

On July 31, police investigated a report from a caller who said that someone was trying to gain entry into her Heights residence and then left.

An officer was told by a marine unit on Aug. 1 that a boat had left West Neck Harbor at a high rate of speed. The boat was located and the operator given a warning.

A caller told police on Aug. 1 that people were on his beach in West Neck. An officer told them to move below the mean high water mark and they complied. The homeowner was advised to move the “beyond this sign” marker to his actual property line.

A case of harassment was reported on Aug. 1 by a caller who said she was approached in her vehicle outside the Center post office following a brief verbal altercation inside.

A complainant reported that people were eating along a West Neck roadway on the 1st. An officer found a family group of about 13 having lunch in the grass by their parked vehicles. All garbage was packed in bags; there were no fires or grills. No violations were observed.

Police received an email complaint to the Town Board about social distancing violations in Silver Beach on Aug. 1.

Eight boats were instructed to relocate to proper anchorages in Silver Beach/West Neck Harbor on Aug. 1. And another eight in Ram Island’s Shanty Bay were also told to move.

A loud party was reported in the Heights on Aug. 2; an officer spoke to a person who turned down the music.

A stolen bicycle was reported in the Heights on Aug. 2; two stolen bikes were reported in Menantic on Aug. 3.

A sign was reported missing from a Dering Harbor property on Aug. 2. The sign was later located and returned to the owner.

Police assisted bringing a disabled Sunfish back to Wades Beach on the 2nd. A caller complained about an unknown woman in a truck yelling at her while she was standing in front of her Center residence. One person interviewed said she didn’t yell or speak with the caller. The caller was advised to have no further contact.

On Aug. 2, a warning was given to a boat operator in West Neck Harbor who was not displaying the required registration information.

Police checked shellfish permits in Cartwright on Aug. 2; no further action was necessary.

A tree blocking a lane in the Center was reported on Aug. 3; no obstruction was noticed. A disabled dump truck, partially blocking the view of the Recycling Center exit, was called in on that date; a tow truck was enroute to remove it.

In other reports, police assisted three residents in or into their homes, attended rifle and pistol qualification training, made two wellbeing checks, unlocked three vehicles with the keys locked inside and responded to three lost and found reports.


Two fire alarms were set off in the Center on July 28 and 29; one was caused by cooking, the other by a system malfunction, according to the Shelter Island Fire Department.

On July 30, a burglary alarm in the Center was activated when the owner forgot to turn off the alarm. An owner also accidentally set off an alarm at a Menantic residence.


A caller told police his dog broke loose from its collar in Silver Beach and ran away. After searching for his dog, he found it dead on the side of the road, probably hit by a car.

The owner and an officer helped retrieve a small dog at large in Menantic.

A groundhog was rescued from a Menantic swimming pool and relocated to a lawn. A deer stuck in a Center fence freed herself before an officer arrived. A fawn was trapped in a fence on a walking trail off Manwaring Road; it had died when police responded.

An officer responded to a report of a possibly injured osprey in Menantic; it was a healthy fledgling showing normal behavior.

A report of an injured osprey in Silver Beach turned out to be a deceased gull; the ospreys were fine.

An animal control officer responded and removed a dead raccoon that had washed ashore in West Neck.

An injured rabbit at South Ferry was captured and transport arranged to a vet.

An injured bird unable to fly was reported in the Center but efforts to capture it were unsuccessful.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 30 and Aug. 1.