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Six arrests on Shelter Island, and the police blotter for the week

Shelter Island Police Department officers made six arrests over several days this week.

At 2:08 p.m. Aug. 7, police arrested Miguel Anthony Comacho-Davila, 21, of Shelter Island, and Arnaldo Andres Castro, 23, of Shelter Island, for criminal possession of stolen property — two bicycles.

The men were processed, police said, at Shelter Island Police Department headquarters and released on desk appearance tickets, directing them to appear in court at a later date.

That evening, at 6:07 p.m., Francisco J. Macias, 45, of Manhattan, was arrested in West Neck for burglary — a felony — criminal possession of stolen property, petit larceny and criminal mischief.

Det. Sgt. Jack Thilberg said that the burglary was discovered while it was happening, and Mr. Macias fled into a wooded area. A Southampton Village Police Canine Unit was used to track human scent in the woods, and the presence of the dog “flushed” the suspect out onto a road, Sgt. Thilberg said.

A witness then spotted Mr. Macias and he was taken into custody, according to police. The stolen property was identified as “numerous personal items.”

He was held for arraignment on Aug. 9, where he was released on his own recognizance, and directed to return to court at a later date. Orders of Protection were issued to all parties involved in the case.

At 11:09 p.m. that same day, Mr. Macias was arrested again by Shelter Island Police officers and charged with six counts of criminal possession of stolen property and four counts of petit larceny.

Police said that the “items were proceeds of a previous burglary.”

He was processed at Police Department headquarters and released on an appearance ticket, and directed to appear in court at a later date.

Sgt. Thilberg explained that the suspect was released from custody twice due to New York State’s Bail Reform Act, signed in January. The new law limits judges in setting bail for certain non-violent felonies, and releases suspects while their cases are working their way through the court system.

On Aug. 7, at 9:20 p.m., Daniel C. Brock, 36, of Shelter Island, was arrested for harassment. He was held overnight for arraignment, police said, where he was released on his own recognizance, and directed to return to court at a later date. An Order of Protection was issued on behalf of the alleged victim.

On Monday, Aug. 10, police arrested Bruce Y. Kim, 52, of Shelter Island and charged him with third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The arrest was the result of an investigation, according to the police.

The defendant was processed at Police Department headquarters, arraigned before Shelter Island Justice Court, and released on his own recognizance and directed to return at a later date. Orders of Protection were issued on behalf of the alleged victims.


Selvin J. Cante Alvizures of Greenport was issued a ticket while driving on Summerfield Place on Aug. 8 for having inadequate or no brake lights. He was also given a summons for unlicensed operation.

On that date, Linda Brienza of Brooklyn received a summons on West Neck Road for failure to stop at a stop sign. Lisa M. Shannon of Shelter Island was driving on Brander Parkway when an officer ticketed her for operating a vehicle while using a portable electronic device.

Bay constables issued two tickets on Aug. 9: John Paulos of Old Saybrook, Conn. for trespassing in Mashomack Preserve at Sungic Point, and John P. Stauffer of Jupiter, Fla. for anchoring a boat outside of the designated anchorage in West Neck Harbor.

Police conducted 15 traffic stops in the Center, Heights, Hay Beach, West Neck and Silver Beach, resulting in 10 warnings and four tickets. Traffic control officers issued 34 parking tickets.


Molly Jane Bresnahan of Noank, Conn. was turning onto Brander Parkway from Shore Road on Aug. 3 when heavy rain affected her visibility and caused her vehicle to veer off the roadway, hitting a utility pole. Over $1,000 in damage was reported to the front end of Ms. Bresnahan’s vehicle. According to the draft police report, she was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital for medical attention due to the deployment of the airbag.


From Aug. 4 to 7, police responded to more than 200 calls during Tropical Storm Isaias and its aftermath, affecting all parts of the Island. The storm brought down trees, branches and wires, calling out the Fire and Highway departments as well as the police. 

Beach and Environmental Conservation Law checks continued on Aug. 8 and 9 in Silver Beach, West Neck and Ram Island.

Police were notified of an overturned sailboat in West Neck Bay on Aug. 4; a towing service righted the boat. While on patrol, an officer noticed a sailboat close to shore with one of its mooring lines parted. A local marina pulled the boat to safety.

Also on the 4th a generator was reported on fire in the Center; the owner extinguished the fire. A brush fire was reported on Ram Island; a wire had broken from a transformer pole and ignited the grass below. The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded and put out the fire.

On Aug. 5, a caller reported that cyclists were riding abreast in Hay Beach; the caller advised them to ride single file but wanted it on the record for informational purposes.

On Aug. 6, an SUV was reported being driven on Hay Beach; the area was patrolled with negative results.

On the 7th, a caller told police that approximately 40 boats passed by his dock in Dering Harbor, producing large wakes that caused the cleat of one of his boats to rip from the deck. Damage was estimated at under $1,000 and the caller was unable to identify which boat had caused the damage.

Also on that date, police were notified that there was loud screaming at a Hay Beach location. An officer responded and found several children yelling near a pool. The residents were asked to quiet the children.

On Aug. 8 a caller reported that golfers in the Heights were not wearing masks and keeping social distancing. An officer canvassed the area and found that everyone was wearing masks or keeping 6 feet apart.

That date, an officer issued multiple warnings to two jet skiers off Mashomack for navigation law violations. A loud party was reported in Hay Beach; the homeowner said she would turn down the music. An anonymous caller said a speeding boat in West Neck Creek knocked a kayak off a dock. The operator was located, who apologized and said he was unaware that he was producing such a large wake.

On Aug. 9, an officer on patrol noticed an electric surf board being operated in the channel in West Neck Harbor. The officer spoke to the person running the rental operation and determined that the permit was site-specific and that he was in violation. The operation was shut down.

A caller complained that a small power boat was anchored too close to his boat in Coecles Harbor. When police arrived, the owner was pulling up his anchor and said he was leaving.

Also on the 9th, an anonymous caller complained about loud music coming from a boat in Coecles Harbor. An officer patrolled the harbor and was unable to locate the source of the music. A second loud music complaint was received about a boat anchored off Ram Island. When the officer arrived, the boat’s operator had turned off the music and was leaving the harbor.

A domestic dispute in the Center was called in on Aug. 9.

On Aug. 10, a boat anchored outside the designated anchorage in Mashomack was advised to move. A paddle board was reported missing in Shorewood.

In other reports, police checked on the wellbeing of five residents, opened a vehicle with the keys locked inside, responded to three false 911 calls and a scam call, provided an escort, attended off-Island marine training, and logged in three lost and found reports.


A fire alarm in HiLo on Aug. 4 was set off when smoke was reported coming from a breaker panel. The SIFD disconnected a cable wire. The next day two smoke detectors in Westmoreland were activated; the SIFD said it was due to malfunctions caused by the power outage.

A fire alarm on Aug. 6 in West Neck was declared a false alarm by the SIFD, set off by steam from a shower. A fourth fire alarm was set off in Cartwright due to cooking smoke, and a carbon monoxide alarm was activated due to a low battery in Longview.


An injured osprey reported in Silver Beach flew away as an officer approached and appeared to be healthy. A caller told police about an injured bird in Harbor View; it turned out to be a healthy starling and the caller was advised to put the bird back where he found it.

Two turkeys trapped between fences in Menantic were freed by police. A squirrel with a broken leg was reported by a Center resident. The area was searched with negative results.

Police arranged transportation to a vet for an injured rabbit in Longview. An osprey’s nest was damaged in Silver Beach when a pole snapped in half; an officer was working on getting a new pole installed.

A caller reported sounds like a bird stuck in the gutters of a Hay Beach residence. The area was searched and an officer determined the sounds to be from tree frogs.

An officer collected a wounded gull on Ram Island and arranged for transport to a vet.

A caller asked police if there was a town code about picking up dog feces; no law is currently on the books.

Police were told about sounds in the Center that could be a distressed fawn in the woods. An officer determined the sounds were coming from a bird instead. An injured osprey was reported in the Heights; the area was searched unsuccessfully.

A caller reported that a nest of baby rabbits in Menantic was destroyed by a dog, leaving one baby still alive. An officer arranged for transport to the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center. Transport to a vet was also arranged by the police for an injured groundhog in the Center.

An injured hawk was reported in South Ferry; the area was searched with negative results.

One dog at large was called in on Wades Beach; an officer saw no dogs there over a two-hour period but did see two dogs approach and then leave when the owners noticed the animal control truck. A dog at large in Silver Beach was searched for with negative results.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported six people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Aug. 5, 8 and 9.