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The Reporter takes home five awards from Press Association

Your hometown paper has been honored with five awards for excellence by the New York Press Association.

The state’s 800-member newspaper association awarded the Reporter with one first place, three second places and a third place in its “Better Newspaper Contest.”

There were 2,918 entries from papers across the state for the contest, which was judged by the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association.

The judges ranked Peter Waldner, whose work graces the editorial pages of the Reporter every week, as the top cartoonist for 2019. But he wasn’t done, taking second place for another cartoon in the same category.

The judges wrote: “A hilarious angle on a vexing modern problem shows texting at its most ludicrous. Handsome art work and interesting characters. Mr. Waldner hit the humor target with an economy of words.”

And, on the Reporter’s cartoonist’s take on tick-borne illnesses: “This is topical since ticks are in the news more now, hunting humans. This cartoon puts a humorous spin on it.”

A second place was given to editor Ambrose Clancy for overall design excellence, with the judges praising the Reporter’s “layout, and overall, easy-to-read, and eye-catching newspaper.”

Another second place finish was tallied for the Reporter’s opinion pages. The judges noted that our paper’s “clean layout, well-written editorials, informative columns, good art, cartoons and a lively letters section makes this a winner.”

Mr. Clancy took third place in feature writing, a category the judges described as the most competitive in the contest, for a story about Shelter Island Police Officer Sgt. Terrence LeGrady and the night he learned his former NYPD partner and best friend was shot and killed while on duty in the city.

The judges wrote: “This article thoughtfully explains the story behind the tragic and chaotic incident in Queens, providing readers with a glimpse behind the police badges. The article finds a meaningful local angle while using strong story development and descriptions to portray the emotions of Sgt. LeGrady.”

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The Times Review Media Group, which includes the Reporter, The Suffolk Times and The Riverhead News-Review, placed second in newspaper chains across the state for most awards granted.

Congratulations to all, and especially to you, our readers and advertisers, who support and inspire us.