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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Homayoun Gabbay, 63, of New York City was driving on North Ferry Road on Aug. 23 when he was stopped because he failed to display a valid inspection certificate. On investigation, police discovered he had his New York State driver’s license suspended 19 times and was then arrested at 1:45 p.m. and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation in the 2nd degree (more than three suspensions), operating an unregistered vehicle without an inspection certificate or insurance and not being licensed to drive.

Mr. Gabbay was processed at police headquarters and released on an appearance ticket for Shelter Island Justice Court at a later date.

Erica P. Stone, 40, of Shelter Island was arrested at 5:20 p.m. on Aug. 24 for harassment in the 2nd degree. She was processed at police headquarters, released on her own recognizance and instructed to appear later in Justice Court. An order of protection was issued on behalf of the alleged victim.


Roque Lopez Ochoa of Greenport was given two tickets on North Ferry Road on Aug. 18 for not wearing a seatbelt and for unlicensed operation.
Terry M. Campuzano of New York City was stopped on Bateman Road on Aug. 22 and received a summons for driving while using a cellphone without a hands-free device.

On Aug. 23, Kim A. Snyder of Manhattan was ticketed on West Neck Road for driving while using a portable electronic device. Also on that date, Rosalie M. Fina of Mastic Beach was given a summons on North Ferry Road for driving with no/inadequate lights.

Bay constables issued three tickets on Aug. 22 and 23 to Paul B. Forchelli of La Quinta, Calif. for anchoring a non-resident boat outside of the designated anchorage in West Neck Harbor; James M. Bogetti of Montauk for towing people without an observer in his boat in Majors Harbor; and Carlos Tigve Once of Ridgewood for keeping undersized porgies off Highberry Lane.

Police conducted 22 traffic stops, radar and distracted driving enforcement in the Center and West Neck between Aug. 18 and 24, resulting in 13 warnings and five tickets. Traffic control officers issued 53 parking tickets during the week.


Paolo Romero of Shelter Island was driving northbound on South Ferry Road on Aug. 18 when an oncoming vehicle on a curve caused her to move to the right. She lost control due to the wet pavement and hit a No Parking sign, ending up on a resident’s lawn. There was over $1,000 in damage to the windshield, the driver’s-side front quarter panel and the front bumper.

On Aug. 19, Myron Zisser of Shelter Island said that while he was stopped at the gates of the Recycling Center, he accelerated, causing his vehicle to hit the gates, pushing them open, and continuing to strike a parked vehicle belonging to the town, parked at the Animal Control building. There was over $1,000 damage to the front of Mr. Zisser’s vehicle and to the front and rear of the town’s vehicle.

There was one minor accidents during the week. Alexander A. Fabiano of Shirley was backing out of the parking lot at Elli’s Country Store on Aug. 18 when the top of his delivery truck hit a ladder on top of a vehicle belonging to Ronald G. Willcoxon of Shelter Island. The only damage was to the ladder.


Officers conducted several beach and Environmental Conservation Law enforcement checks in Silver Beach, Ram Island and Hay Beach on Aug. 22, 23 and 24.

A caller reported on Aug. 18 that there was a water main leak in the middle of a Dering Harbor road. Suffolk County Water Authority had been notified.

That date, police were told that an eviction in Westmoreland was possibly illegal.

An extra patrol was requested on Aug. 18 by a Center owner who reported young people were skateboarding on his property. Police located the skateboarders in the area, advised them to stay off private property and notified their parents.

On the 19th, police were informed unknown persons had entered a Taylor’s Island building; that date, a Verizon main box was reported open in the Heights. Police secured the box and notified Verizon. A Center caller said a large limb had fallen on wires; PSEG was called. An officer responded to a verbal domestic dispute in Menantic.

On Aug. 20, an officer assisted a caller to retrieve animals, as a result of a dispute, at a Center location.

A caller complained about music on Wades Beach on the evening of Aug. 20. An officer found a small group at a Lions event with local musicians.

On Aug. 21 police assisted Southold police with a water rescue from a collapsed Sunfish in Pipes Cove. Officers provided visual help off Crescent beach. All those in the water were retrieved with help from a private boat in the area.

A caller told police that money was paid for work never completed in the Heights — a case of grand larceny. Also on the 21st, an officer responded to a domestic dispute in West Neck and heard a report from a Silver Beach resident about a phone scam.

That same date, a sinkhole on a Harbor View road was reported as a hazard; traffic cones were set out and the Highway Department notified.

Police responded to a neighbor dispute in Menantic on Aug. 21; both parties were advised to limit any future communication.

A stolen paddle board was reported in the Center on Aug. 21. A caller told police for information purposes that a Trump sticker had been put on his vehicle in the Heights.

A jet ski operator in Smiths Cove was warned about towing a person in a tube without an observer on Aug. 22. Police observed another jet ski operator traveling at a high rate of speed off Crescent Beach within 25 feet of two anchored boats. The officer unsuccessfully tried to stop the operator but was able to track the jet ski to the Brick Cove Marina; the owner had left when police arrived.

Police at headquarters received a complaint about telephone harassment.

A Westmoreland caller told police that a ski boat was causing excessive wake in West Neck Bay and was concerned that it might cause damage to his boats. The boat’s owner was told that he is responsible for any damage his wake may cause.

Thirteen boats located outside of the designated anchorage area in West Neck Harbor were told to relocate on Aug. 22. On the 23rd, 11 boats were told to move to proper anchorages and 20 more in West Neck Harbor were also advised to comply.

A person flagged down an officer on South Ferry Road to report that he had been hit by a car while working on South Ferry four hours before; there were no injuries.

On Aug. 23, a “Biden for President” yard sign was reported taken from a West Neck property. Also on the 23rd, a caller told police a boat was anchored outside the designated area in Coecles Harbor. Police determined the boat was owned by a resident and was legally anchored.

A caller reported receiving an unsolicited packet of seeds from China. The Police Department will forward the seeds to USDA’s Animal and Plant Inspection Service.

The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a call about smoke in the basement of a South Ferry Hills home. It was caused by an overheated freezer unit.

A neighbor dispute was reported in Silver Beach for informational purposes only on Aug. 23. On that date, following a call about jet skis being operated in West Neck Bay, officers notified the owner about town regulations.

Police notified the Highway Department on Aug. 24 to remove a downed tree blocking a West Neck roadway.

A domestic dispute in West Neck was logged in on Aug. 24, and police assisted the operator of a boat that had run aground in Silver Beach.

In other incidents during the week, police logged in six lost and found reports, helped two residents in their homes, checked on the wellbeing of three people, responded to two false 911 calls, helped two people gain access to a vehicle and home, participated in water rescue training, fingerprinted a person for employment purposes and provided an escort on two occasions.


Burglary alarms in Dering Harbor and the Heights were set off on Aug. 18 and 23 when the wrong pass codes were entered. An old carbon monoxide alarm, outside a Center home with the battery still attached, was activated on Aug. 18.

A panic alarm in Longview was accidentally tripped on Aug. 20. On that date the Fire Department responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in Harbor View, caused by a hole in the vent of a propane boiler.

The SIFD answered four fire alarm calls on Aug. 23 and 24 in the Heights, Montclair, Ram Island and the Center. One was a problem with a telephone line; it was unclear what set off the second; a faulty battery caused the third; and an aerosol can of bug spray was responsible for the fourth.


A caller reported that a dog was locked in a vehicle in the Center for about 10 minutes. Police canvassed the parking lot and did not locate the vehicle, which the caller later said had left the lot.

A dog at large was reported on Wades Beach; police were unable to locate any dogs on the beach after two hours observing but warned a person approaching the beach with a dog. A caller told police a dog at large was bothering people on a West Neck beach. The Animal Control Officer (ACO) warned two people with dogs to remove them from the beach.

An anonymous caller reported finding a dog in the Heights. The area was searched for the owner with no results but then the ACO was notified, took custody of the dog, located the owner and returned the dog without incident.

A Heights caller told police a dog had escaped from the yard; an ACO located the dog and returned it. In response to two other calls, the ACO searched unsuccessfully for dogs at large in Hay Beach and Shorewood.

A lost cat was reported in Hay Beach. The area was canvassed and the caller later advised the police that the cat had returned home.

An ACO arranged for an injured turkey in the Center to be transported to a rehabilitation center.

A person told police that a Silver Beach neighbor’s chickens frequently trespassed on the property. An officer talked to the owner who said he would try to keep them in their own yard.

An animal stuck in a Center window well was removed by the ACO. Another trapped animal in the Center was rescued by an officer.

A raccoon got stuck in a BBQ grill in Hay Beach and was freed, unharmed, by an ACO.

An injured deer in the Center had left the area when police arrived.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Aug 19, 21, 22 and 24.