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Richard’s Almanac: Shots and snappers

Drive-in flu shots will be given on the Island on Tuesday, Sept 15, according to Sara Mundy at the Senior Activity Center. The location will be announced shortly.

Call Sara at 631-749-1059 to register for your shot. Representatives from Rite-Aid Pharmacy will be administering the inoculations. In addition to flu shots, they will also be offering shingles, pneumonia and tetanus vaccinations.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommendations are that everyone six months and older should get the vaccine. Exceptions include those with certain allergies and other medical conditions. Check with your health care provider if you are uncertain about whether or not you should get the shot.

Now, I do know someone who dutifully received a flu vaccination and then came down with the flu. She was told by her doctor that the flu she acquired was a different strain.

The research does show, however, that getting the flu shot should result in a not-so-severe case if you do get the flu. So once the location is determined, all those registered will be informed.

On another subject, The annual Snapper Derby is a virtual contest this year and you can read all about it on line by going to for the details. This is the time of the year when those tasty baby bluefish fill our bays and creeks and provide fool-proof fishing for anyone who can hold a bamboo pole.

According to Mike Anglin at Jack’s Marine, all fishing has been “unbelievable” this season.

“It’s an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy,” Mike said, adding that “porgies are around and blowfish are back and the snappers are plentiful and growing.”

That’s why snappers are so easy to catch. The fact that they are growing so fast makes them extra hungry. They’ll bite at anything.

Snappers are baby bluefish that school into our waters with the tides. They are very popular with kids. The best bait to use are shiners, although at times they’ll bite on bits of foil because of its shine.

It was more than 40 years ago that I’d take my kids over to Second Bridge at the incoming tide to go snapper fishing. We were always successful. The kids would learn to clean the catch and then cook it up. Lots of bones to watch out for but very tasty flesh.

And we bought our snapper poles with line and hooks and poppers along with frozen shiners at Jack’s. I have done the same drill in recent years with all my grandchildren.

I always say that snappers are the fish that everyone can catch. No one gets frustrated. It makes kids like fishing.