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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Maria I. Moreno of Greenport was driving on Grand Avenue on Sept. 2 when she was stopped by police and given a ticket for making an improper/no turn signal. She also received summonses for unlicensed operation and for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree.

On Sept. 4, Nely M. Calix Duran of Hampton Bays was ticketed on South Ferry Road for having no/inadequate lights and for unlicensed operation.

John W. Thomas of New Braunfels, Tex. was driving on North Ferry Road on Sept. 5 when he was stopped and ticketed for not having distinctive/secure license plates.

Cathleen J. Parsons of Shelter Island and Elias M. Levenson of New York City were both ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign on Smith Street on Sept. 5.

Bay constables issued two summonses on Sept. 6 to Mark Walz of Burbank, Calif. and Joseph T. Laubacher of Haddam, Conn. Mr. Walz was outside the anchorage area in Coecles Harbor and Mr. Laubacher was operating a boat at a speed greater than 5 miles per hour in a West Neck anchorage.

Police conducted 35 traffic and distracted driving stops between Sept. 1 and 7 in the Center, Heights, Cartwright and West Neck, resulting in 20 warnings and seven tickets.

Traffic Control Officers issued 53 parking tickets.


In a minor accident on Sept. 3, Charles R. Gulluscio of Shelter Island was backing out of a driveway on Linda Court when he hit a vehicle belonging to Michael M. Earley of Shelter Island. Damage was less than $1,000.

Other reports

Offices conducted several beach, camping and Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) checks on Ram Island, Hay Beach and Silver Beach on Sept. 4, 5, and 6.

Police responded to a case of petit larceny in Silver Beach on Sept. 1. A case of criminal trespass on Ram Island was reported when the caller found a broken padlock to an exterior door.

On that date, a caller reported damage to a real estate sign in the Center. An officer said it appeared that a vehicle had veered off the roadway and hit the sign, causing minimal damage to the sign.

Police were told on Sept. 1st that a truck was being driven erratically in the Center; the area was canvassed but the truck was not located. A woman told police she heard a noise in her Hay Beach backyard; the entire yard was searched with negative results.

On Sept. 2, a caller said a group of people were cooking in a woods in Silver Beach. An officer located them and they were advised to move their equipment closer to the beach and remove a tent that was erected there.

Officers responded to a non-violent domestic dispute in the Center on that date.

A caller told police on Sept. 4 that money was missing from her vehicle. A Ram Island caller reported seeing an unknown young person in the backyard. Police searched the area with negative results.

Scam phone calls were reported to police headquarters on the 4th.

On Sept. 5, visitors to police headquarters said they had missed the last South Ferry boat and asked if there was another way off the Island. While an officer explained the ferry schedule, they located a friend with whom they could stay.

On that date, Southampton Police reported a boat taking on water off Shelter Island near the Port of Egypt marina. The Southampton police said passengers were picked up by a passing boater. Shelter Island police found the disabled boat washed ashore south of Jennings Point. Four passengers were transferred from the other boat to a marine unit and transported to Port of Egypt. Sea Tow responded to tow the boat to Southold.

A caller told police that a vehicle had been driven at a high rate of speed, twice, in the Heights on Sept. 5. Officers searched the area with negative results.

On the same date four boat owners were told by police to relocate to a Silver Beach/West Neck anchorage area, and another four were told to move to an anchorage area in Coecles Harbor.

Offices were flagged down by several boat owners on Sept. 5, reporting a large raft of boats dragging anchor towards other boats in the West Neck anchorage. There were no owners on board but a marine unit held the boats upwind until they arrived. They were advised to anchor further upwind and to raft in smaller groups.

An anonymous caller told police that a person appeared to be drinking while driving in a vehicle. The vehicle was located aboard a South Ferry boat already underway and the Southampton police were notified.

Police attempted unsuccessfully to dislodge a boat stuck on the shore east of Crescent Beach. Waiting for high tide would allow the caller to free up the boat.

Also on the 5th, a caller reported two kayakers were having trouble returning to shore. When police arrived, both had returned safely

An anonymous caller reported that a raft of four boats with only one anchor was possibly going to drag down on the caller’s sailboat. An officer noted that the boats had two anchors deployed, were not dragging and were no danger to the caller’s boat.

A loud party in the Center was called in anonymously on the 5th. An officer advised the participants to lower their volume and they said they would comply.

An ECL check was conducted at the South Ferry Terminal; six people were fishing and there were no problems.

A caller told police on Sept. 6 that three boats were rafted and anchored within 500 feet of the Village of Dering Harbor shoreline. The owners were advised about the village code prohibiting the anchorage.

Also on that date, an officer on patrol saw a boat being operated at a high rate of speed off Ram Island, causing an excessive wake. The owner was advised that he was responsible for any damage caused by the wake and told to operate at lower speeds when in congested waters.

A complainant reported loud music coming from rafted boats in Dering Harbor. The operators were advised about the rules on anchoring and amplified noise in the harbor; the boats departed without further incident.

Noise and loud music were reported on the 6th by callers in the Center and West Neck. The owner said the volume would be lowered at the Center party; there was no sign of loud music (or fireworks) in West Neck.

On Sept. 7, a loud party was called in at the Center; the renter agreed to turn off the music and move the party indoors.

A stolen paddle board – a grand larceny – was reported by a Center caller on Sept. 7.

Over the Labor Day weekend, bay constables handed out approximately 50 boaters’ guides to boats illegally anchored in West Neck and Coecles harbors.

A Center caller told police about hearing a gunshot; the area was searched with negative results.

Among other incidents during the week, police unlocked two vehicles with the keys inside; assisted others locked out of a residence; responded to four lost and found reports; investigated two false 911 calls; helped a resident in the home; fingerprinted a person for an application: and assisted moving a disabled vehicle.


The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to three fire alarms on Sept. 1, 3 and 7 in Silver Beach, on Ram Island and in the Center respectively. One was set off by a faulty smoke detector; the second was caused by workers sanding wood planks in the basement; and the third was activated when the valve on a grill’s propane tank broke off and was leaking. The SIFD removed the tank.

On Sept. 2, an audible residential alarm in a Center bathroom was possibly caused by the humidity.


A caller complained that dogs were barking any time someone walked by a West Neck residence. An animal control officer (ACO) explained the town code on barking dogs.

A caller told police about barking dogs in the Center. An officer observed dogs barking but the incident was not enforceable according to the town code.

A dog was reported weaving in and out of traffic in the Center; the area was canvassed with negative results.

Numerous dogs were reported on Wades Beach; the ACO advised five groups about the town code. A report of an abandoned dog at Silver Beach was deter-mined to be unfounded.

A caller brought an injured mourning dove to the ACO; transportation to a wildlife rehabilitation center was arranged.

A dead cat was reported in Silver Beach; there was no microchip to identify the owner.

A deer trapped in a wire fence on a trail off a Center roadway was released with-out incident.

A caller told police an osprey was stuck in a tree on Ram Island; the area was searched and all ospreys there were fine.

“Abandoned wildlife” were reported in Silver Beach; the ACO told the caller to place them back where they were so the mother could find them.

“Wildlife” were reported in a Shorewood swimming pool; they were relocated to a nearby pond. An injured animal was cited in West Neck; the ACO determined it was healthy.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital of Sept. 1, 4, 5 and 7.