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Even par wins Mad Scramble on Goat Hill

Three teams finished with even par scores of 32 at last Sunday’s Mad Scramble at Shelter Island Country Club (SICC). A match of cards was needed to declare team members George Goodleaf, Greg Toner and Jack and Karen Gibbs the winners.

Coming in second were Pam Davis, John Wallace, Mary Fran Gleason and Tom Bliss. Also scoring 32 were team members Ian Kanarvogel, John Brownlie, Mark Keerans and Jimmy Rando. All told 20 players in five teams participated in the tournament that was played in a Set Aside Scramble format.

The tournament’s 50-50 raffle yielded $100 for winner Bruce Taplin.

Summer league finale

SICC’s Tuesday Twosomes summer league wrapped up the season with an awards dinner last week.

Cash prizes went to golfers who played in nine, eight, seven and six weeks of play.

Men’s results

Over nine weeks of play: Jack Gibbs won awards for least and most pars. Dave Porello garnered the most chippies.

Over eight weeks of play: Bill Hannabury made the fewest putts and most chippies. Ian Karanvogel had the most pars.

Over seven weeks of play: Bruce Taplin made the least putts, the most pars and the most birdies.

Women’s results

Over nine weeks of play: Karen Gibbs won for least putts, most pars and most birdies.

Over eight weeks of play: Mary Fran Gleason made the fewest putts and most pars.

Over six weeks of play: Linda Springer won for least putts and most pars. Casey Hannabury made the most chippies.

Other winners

Most Improved Golfer among the women: Casey Hannabury

Most Improved Golfer among the men: Dave Porello

Lowest Score Overall for the women: Karen Gibbs (40)

Lowest Score Overall for the men: Bruce Taplin (32)

Most Honest Score  for the ladies Maureen Conadly

Most Honest Score-for the men: Dave Porello

Congratulations, golfers!

Get ready for night golf

SICC’s last tournament of 2020 takes place under a full moon for the Midnight Madness night golf tournament on Friday, Oct. 2. Players will tee off at approximately 6:30 p.m. The tournament is open to all. Sign up at the pro shop.