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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Ilda M. Vargas of East Hampton was driving on Smith Street on Sept. 8 when she was stopped by police and given two tickets — one for unlicensed operation and the second for operating a vehicle while the registration was suspended/revoked.

Also on the 8th, police ticketed Ralph A. Cava of Flushing for failure to stop at a stop sign on Smith Street.

A bay constable issued a summons to Connor Franck of Watsonville, Calif. on Sept. 12 for having an insufficient number of personal flotation devices on board his boat in West Neck Harbor. Warnings were also issued for not displaying registration stickers and for not having a sound producing device.

Traffic stops and distracted driving enforcement were conducted by police on Sept. 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in the Center, Menantic, Ram Island and the Heights, resulting in 19 warnings and three tickets.

Traffic control officers issued the season’s low of three parking tickets during the week.

Other reports

A Heights caller reported on Sept. 8 that a suspicious vehicle with bright lights went slowly past her residence, but she couldn’t identify what kind of vehicle it was. She was advised to contact police when the activity was actually taking place.

An officer responded on the 8th to a report of a person nude bathing in Hay Beach. The person was located and informed that nude bathing was prohibited. He denied doing so.

A Center caller told police that a neighbor’s tree had fallen on her fence; the neighbor and complainant agreed to handle repairs between themselves.

On Sept. 9, police investigated a report that a swim line was missing from a Heights beach. The officer responding noticed a tangled portion of what could have been a swim line in the water; the caller agreed to contact the Heights maintenance crew about whether it was one and the same.

A Center caller told police on the 9th that a teenager had taken a photo of her. She was advised that was not unlawful, but she asked that the incident be documented.

Police were informed by a caller on the 9th that smoke was coming from bushes at the side of a Center roadway; the area was searched with negative results.

Graffiti was reported on a stop sign in Hay Beach on Sept. 10; an officer canvassed the area but found no other signs of graffiti.

A Montclair caller informed police on the 10th that an unknown trailer was parked on his property; an officer contacted the owner who said he would remove it.

Police received a call about a person in an orange life jacket possibly waving for help in the water off Hay Beach. An officer searched several locations, attempting to confirm the report, without success. A bay constable did retrieve a multi-colored balloon, which may have been what the caller saw.

A woman who fell off her bike in the Heights on Sept. 11 requested assistance from the police. An officer responded with first aid supplies; further medical assistance was refused.

Also on that date, a Center caller reported low-hanging wires from a pole to the residence were creating a hazardous condition. An officer notified Cablevision of the problem.

Police received a report on the 11th that several young people were skateboarding on the owner’s Center property. An officer located the youths and told them they were trespassing on private property and had to leave; they complied immediately.

Loud music was reported anonymously in Longview on the 11th. The responding officer was told by the owner that the music had been turned down and he would keep the volume low.

Police conducted three Environmental Conservation Law checks at Hay Beach’s Highberry Lane and at the South Ferry Terminal on Sept. 12 and 13. A total of 15 people were fishing; there were no problems or violations.

An officer and bay constable assisted a sailboat that had run aground inside West Neck Harbor on Sept. 12. A caller reported an overturned boat off Silver Beach with one person in the water. A passing boat had responded when police arrived.

Also on the 12th, a boat was stopped by an officer and bay constable in West Neck Harbor for not displaying registration stickers. The owner said that the boatyard had not affixed them. He was issued a warning.

A caller informed police her neighbor had told her that the rear door was open at her Center home. An officer searched the residence, found no sign of criminal activity and secured the home.

On the 12th, a bay constable assisted another police department in responding to a report of an overturned boat near the oyster factory in East Marion. A passing boat retrieved one person in the water and righted the overturned Sunfish. That day, youths were reported trespassing on a Center property; they were gone when an officer arrived.

An anonymous caller told police she heard an audible alarm in the West Neck area on Sept. 13. An officer found the building secure but notified the caretaker.

Also on the 13th, police assisted the chief of the Shelter Island Fire Department in checking a HiLo residence for levels of carbon monoxide; no signs were found.

On Sept. 14, police responded to a civil dispute regarding a payment discrepancy.

Among other reports during the week, police logged four lost and found incidents, conducted fingerprinting for employment purposes, responded to a false 911 call, participated in online training, provided a funeral escort and made court appearances.


The police answered a fire alarm call on Ram Island on Sept. 12; it had been set off by cigarette smoke. Report of the incident and the correct pass code were provided to the Shelter Island Fire Department.

Animal incidents

A caller reported a dog at large in HiLo; the owner of the dog arrived before the animal control officer (ACO) could retrieve it. Barking dogs were reported in the Center.

An injured rabbit in Silver Beach was transported by the ACO to a wildlife center. An ACO also responded to a call about raccoons in a Hay Beach garage and cleared the garage.

An injured deer in West Neck was put down by an officer. Dead deer were reported in West Neck and Menantic.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported six people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Sept. 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. On Sept. 10, one case was taken to Klenawicus airfield for a medicvac by Suffolk County Police helicopter. An eighth person was taken to Southampton Hospital on Sept. 12.