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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor — Nov. 26-Dec.1

Distinctions over free speech

To the Editor:

While the underlying facts are under investigation, the Shelter Island Highway Benevolent Association appears to claim that town employees are entitled, as a matter of “free speech,” to express political views while on the job (see “Your Letters,” Nov. 19).

I hope this is a misimpression.

Town employees, like all citizens, have the right to display bumper stickers, flags, etc. on their person when off the job or on their property, including vehicles. When “on the job,” however, they are public employees — no political buttons, caps, flags, etc.

I doubt the Association would consider “free speech” rights to be infringed if town employees are not allowed to wear buttons while at work or to place flags or stickers on town vehicles or equipment. Yet that seems to be the underlying implication of the letter, which claims a double standard.

It may be that the employees’ trucks with flags were parked inconspicuously in which case they might have considered stashing the flags until the end of work. On the other hand, it may also be that they were conspicuously parked where they would be using town property to make a political statement.

It is unclear that the Association made that distinction.


How about the future?

To the Editor:

I write this with a deep concern, which only scratches the surface.

As an eye opener of how corrupt the so-called “deep state” is, if evil is disrupted, it scatters amuck, causing an unimaginable backlash of chaos — “Good is Bad, Bad is Good.”

The attitude is dangerous and it’s accelerating at an alarming rate.

Our country has been under siege. The radical far left works non-stop to fulfill their agenda, to destroy our nation. Their message is loud and clear. Through the corrupt bias media working 24/7, they pound a negative narrative aimed at destroying our free democracy through lies, hypocrisy and disinformation.

The evil radical far left advocates for Planned Parenthood. This insidious organization is without morals, ethics or conscience. They slaughter full-term babies for their own twisted agenda. These precious innocent infants cry out for mercy each and every day.

The far left advocates defunding our police and release of dangerous criminals.

Our jobs and the economy will tank with their stranglehold and regulations — also your hard-earned savings will evaporate to fund their agenda.

Your religious freedom is also on the line — the evil radical far left plans to abolish that as well.

How about the future of our children and grandchildren? What does the radical far left have in store for them? Their future looks grim.

We have had another wake up call with COVID-19 suddenly disrupting our lives, killing thousands of our loved ones world wide. But this country and world has a stronger enemy that will take millions down a road of unmanageable destruction — the evil radical far left. Will society be happy to accept it?

We have already gotten a small take of socialistic living. Long lines to find basic provisions unavailable, businesses closing, no vacations, sports etc., that’s the radical far left way.

History shows that there is a severe price paid when God is stripped from a nation. His gift to us is a free will that he will not mess with.

Our hearts and souls are our navigators through life. Read some documented facts: “Wake Up America,” by Eric Billing, or “Obama Unmasked,” by Floyd Brown and Lee Troxler, or “Profiles in Corruption,” by Peter Schweizer.

T. YOUNG, Shelter Island