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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Michael Eso of Mastic was driving on Gardiners Bay Drive on Nov. 27 when he was stopped by police and given a ticket for moving unsafely out of the lane.

On Dec. 2, police ticketed Azucena Quishpe of East Hampton on Manwaring Road for driving with inadequate/no brake lights. Maria V. Montalvo of Shelter Island was driving on School Street on Dec. 4 when she was also given a summons for having inadequate/no brake lights.

The same day, Susan Wasilewski of Key West, Fla. was issued a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Avenue.


Scott A. Oversteet of Shelter Island was driving east on South Midway Road on Dec. 1 when a deer ran on the road and into his vehicle, causing over $1,000 in damage to the passenger-side and front of the car. There were no injuries.

Other reports

A caller confirmed on Dec. 1 that an unknown person had entered his Ram Island residence on a prior reported burglary.

Police were informed on Dec. 1 that a woman had found a paddle boat adrift in Menantic and would secure it to her dock until claimed or removed by police.

A complainant told police that a group of young people had been skateboarding on multiple occasions in the Center after being advised not to. Although the youths were not currently on the property, the caller requested an extra patrol of the area.

Following up on an earlier report of a garage alarm on Ram Island, police searched the area and found both the residence and the garage were secure with no sign of any criminal activity.

On Dec. 2, a caller asked for an extra patrol and reported that her caretaker had seen an unknown vehicle parked in her Center driveway while passing by. The caretaker returned later to find the vehicle gone and the residence secure.

Later on the 2nd, an officer, conducting an extra patrol in the Center, saw a vehicle parked at the same residence. The home was searched with no signs of any criminal activity; the area was canvassed for the owner/driver with negative results.

Police were told that someone was behaving strangely in the Heights on Dec. 2. An officer canvassed the area with negative results. The same day, a caller reported, for information purposes only, that a person, identified, was acting erratically in an office in the Heights.

On Dec. 5, a caller reported that her Center neighbor was stuck on the roof and needed assistance in getting down. Officers helped the neighbor back to the ground without incident.

A large tree limb was reported down on wires by the horse farm in the Center on Dec. 5. PSEG was notified.

An officer noticed a small fire burning in one of the mulch piles at the Recycling Center on Dec. 6. The Highway Department superintendent said this happened regularly in that area. He notified police that the fire would be extinguished and the mulch pile turned to prevent further incidents.

A fallen stop sign was reported anonymously on Dec. 6 in Silver Beach. An officer noticed that the sign pole appeared to have been blown over.

Police were informed by South Ferry that a passenger had left the ferry without paying. The caller did not wish to pursue charges but wanted the suspect to return and pay the fee. An officer canvassed the area with negative results.

On the 7th, a caller said that his Longview neighbor’s rear door was open and he knew they were not home. No sign of any criminal activity was found; high winds may have blown the door open.

Police conducted an inventory and audit of the department’s property records to ensure compliance with official directives. Fifty items were reviewed, including money, firearms, controlled substances and items of high value.

In other incidences, police unlocked three vehicles with the keys locked inside, handled two lost and found cases, attended off-Island and webinar training, helped a resident at home, conducted two well-being checks and performed court duty.


The Shelter Island Fire Department and police responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in West Neck on Dec. 5; it was set off by a malfunctioning furnace.

Two residential alarms were activated in Hay Beach and Silver Beach on Dec. 6 and 7 respectively. There was no criminal activity and the places were secure.

Animal reports

A kitten darted out of an open door in Silver Beach and was reported lost. An animal control officer (ACO) responded and advised the owner to post a photo of the missing kitten on social media and in the neighborhood.

A small dog with a light-up collar was seen running along a Center roadway; the area was searched with negative results. A Lab mix was found near a South Ferry Hills intersection; police located the owner via microchip and returned the dog.

Dogs at large were reported in the Center — an ongoing problem, the caller said. Both dogs had returned home prior to the ACO’s arrival.

An injured turkey was reported in Menantic; a wildlife rehabilitation center advised the ACO to leave it there. Another injured turkey was seen in a Shorewood yard; when police and the ACO arrived, it had gone.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Dec. 4 and 5. A fifth person was taken to Southampton Hospital on Dec. 3. An aided case on Dec. 3 refused medical attention.