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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Dec. 17-24

Boat fee too high

To the Editor:

I read where the town is proposing a $50 per boat (small boats) fee to “park” on town landings.

I have an Opti and a kayak that I’ve kept, for years, along with about 12 other boats, mainly Sunfish, in Silver Beach, just off Brander Parkway. 

If I paid this, what type of services would I get for my $100?  There’s not even a trash receptacle at this landing. 

I think this proposed fee is too high.


Thank you, Shelter Island Post Office

To the Editor:

In view of their wonderful response over the past nine months, I believe that all who reside on Shelter Island should give a huge “Thank You” to the Shelter Island Post Office and all who work there.

The increased volume of mail, and especially packages resulting from the pandemic, continues to be incredible. As evidence, just observe for yourself the daily influx of individuals in the anteroom and cars in the parking lot.

Despite this persistently heavy load, the regular and temporary workers are routinely pleasant, efficient, unflustered and effective in doing their jobs. All are jewels!

In particular, I would commend Mary, our boss postmistress, who has consistently stayed on top of all this chaos, and Bruce, who has been steadfast every day.

JIM WEBSTER, Shelter Island

Supporting the overthrow of the election

To the Editor:

It’s absolutely amazing that the radical Dems are upset (see “Our View,” Dec. 17) with Congressman Lee Zeldin and those Republicans who support the overthrow of this election when there are hundreds of signed testimonies attesting to numerous illegal actions during their poll watching.

It’s amazing they believe we should “make nice” when they spent four years and billions of our tax dollars attempting to impeach our legally elected president with fabricated events and an “unknown” whistle blower.

It’s amazing they think we should accept a corrupt candidate whose son is under federal investigation for “quid pro quo” dealings with China while his father was vice president.  Documentation shared by the New York Post further stated that “the big guy” that received a portion of the financial benefits was Hunter’s father, V.P. Joe Biden.

The blue state’s refusal to accept help from Trump to protect their cities from destruction, their catch and release and sanctuary policies, defunding the police and overall mismanagement is disgraceful, yet now they dare to ask the red states to “bail them out.” They demand that “we the legal citizens” lock ourselves up yet will reopen the borders for illegals who will roam our nation spreading the virus and other diseases along with drugs and destruction. They are loud and voracious and will stop at nothing in their quest to make us a socialist nation and their vocal and deceitful schemes are perpetrated by the main street media.

Is it any wonder that “we the conservative people” are fighting to protect our elections, our country and our freedoms for, as Abraham Lincoln said, “The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

I commend our neighbor, Thomas Young, for his excellent dissertation on the radical left that appeared in the Nov. 26 Reporter and urge others to put their fear aside and speak out, for as Plato said, “Your silence gives consent.”

For God, country, our Constitution and Trump.

LINDA PULS, Shelter Island