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Siller, Thiele condemn Capitol insurrectionists

“We are likely experiencing a combination of shock, fear and outrage and even a profound sense that our democracy is under siege in a way that feels unprecedented.”

The speaker at Tuesday’s Town Board work session was Supervisor Gerry Siller, denouncing the violence that occurred at the Capitol last week.

“We watched as one of the governmental processes emblematic of the peaceful transfer of power was halted by extreme violence,” he said.

He said he was “appalled” at people losing their lives and being injured and the nation’s leaders fearing for their lives during the mob’s assault.

It would be naive to think that such hatred as witnessed last week couldn’t happen on Shelter Island, Mr. Siller said. He called on Islanders to unite, heal and lead the way toward a bright future for all Americans.

“Let’s all make that our mission, both as individuals and as the special community of Shelter Island,” Mr. Siller said.

Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. (I-Sag Harbor), who denounced the violence in a statement on Monday, sent a letter Tuesday to Congressional leaders, on behalf of himself, New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and 37 other members of the Assembly calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, speculating that Vice President Mike Pence would not work to invoke the 25th Amendment with Cabinet members to declare the president incapable of carrying out his responsibilities for the remainder of his term.

In his press release the day before, Mr. Thiele called the violence at the Capitol an insurrection  that filled him with rage and sadness.

“The election is over. Joe Biden won. On January 20, he will be inaugurated as our 46th President,” Mr. Thiele said.

“Seeking to overturn the vote of the people in the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania, was a brazen effort to thwart majority rule, usurp the power of the states to conduct their elections, and the role of the courts to properly review the conduct of elections under the rule of law,” Mr. Thiele said.

He predicted that those who “attempted to overturn a free and fair election will be judged harshly” by history.

Actions of elected officials who sided with the president to try to overturn election results were “reckless,” he said, calling them “unfit to hold office.”